Elevating the Future of Real Estate Through Technology

How many times have you seen a house for sale in your neighborhood and stopped to grab a brochure from the box hanging on the “for sale” sign? Maybe you just wanted to find out how much the property was listed for, or wanted to see photos of the interior out of sheer curiosity. Maybe you were in the market for a new house and wanted to take the listing agent’s contact information to ask your real estate agent to schedule a showing. After that brochure served its initial purpose, what did you do with it? Chances are good that it ended up in the trash. Meanwhile, the listing agent likely passed the cost of printing those glossy brochures onto the homeowner.

TRELORA doesn’t believe in nickeling and diming customers with fees for old-fashioned practices when modern technology makes it easier and less expensive for real estate agents to do their jobs.

New technology continues to render many industries obsolete. You need only look at travel agencies, Blockbuster, and record stores to see the changes. There is a diminished need for agents to provide information that is readily available to consumers online, making it harder than ever to justify the high commissions from back in the day. Research shows that the first place sellers and buyers go to for information is the internet. Consumer acceptance of technology continues to grow, as does the need for knowledgeable agents.

TRELORA recognizes the importance of embracing technology, as well as maintaining relationships with agents, and we've combined the best of both worlds in our quest to redefine the real estate industry.