5 Stars, 2 Thumbs-Up, Standing-O!! If you’re on the fence about whether to use TRELORA, don’t be. I was there a few months ago, new to Denver, looking for a home for my family in the SE ‘burbs. I knew I didn’t want to play into the “traditional” real estate fees and neither should you. If someone in the real estate business tells you not to use a discount brokerage or that their service is far superior for the traditional 3% fee, they are wrong. Trelora provides a superior service at a fraction of what a traditional agent will cost. If you’re buying, like I did - you’ll get a credit on your closing statement towards costs!!! I had a team of Trelora folks behind me through the whole process from MLS searches, showings, contract negotiation, inspection, to sitting right next to me at the closing table!! Steven, Mike, Lorenzo - awesome folks and worked seamlessly to facilitate an issue-free transaction! These guys are fast, smart, and professional. Nothing discount about this place. Don’t be fooled by the industry “talk” - be smart, do your own research, and you’ll see TRELORA makes the most sense if you’re buying (and I assume selling) in the Denver area. Now say it with me “Tre-lora...Tre-lora...Tre-lora.”
— Jacob P.