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To date, we’ve saved Denver homeowners over $25 million.

When you sell your home with TRELORA, we save you both stress and money. Our professional, full-service agents help you through the process of pricing, staging and selling your home. Traditional real estate agents charge a hefty commission based on the value of your home. With TRELORA, you simply pay a one-time $2,500 flat fee. Period. 

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TRELORA works as a team to make sure you get the highest level of service throughout the sale of your home. Your lead agent and their team will guide you during every step of the transaction, ensuring that you have a thorough understanding of the facts and are well-equipped to make the best decisions.


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You have 24/7 access to your transaction through MyTRELORA. You call the shots from anywhere, at any time. You can receive updates, manage showings, accept offers, communicate with TRELORA staff, and much more.


We save you thousands by letting you choose what to offer the buyer's agent, and you pay TRELORA one flat fee for our services and expertise. We don't believe in charging more for our services just because one home is worth more than another. TRELORA has saved homeowners over $25M in what would have been real estate agent commissions. On average, our clients save over $12,500 per transaction.

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