Buyers. You are being mislead. Your agent is not "free."

Before signing anything, tell your agent you want to negotiate a fair, flat fee for their services - not linked to the price of the home you buy. If the listing agent is offering more than that fee, state that you will decide if you want to keep the balance or refund it to the seller to strengthen your offer. If your prospective agent says, "this can’t be done," then move on.

Yes, that's right. If you agree on a flat fee or discounted rate up front yet the listing agent is offering more, the money left on the table is YOURS. Can you now understand why the industry works so hard to not have this conversation?


Sellers. You can change the world.

Before hiring an agent, tell them you want to negotiate a fair, flat fee for services rendered that is not tied to the sale price. Further state that you also want to offer what you think is a fair flat fee to the buyer’s agent. Insist that this language be included in the MLS listing;

“Buyer Commission Negotiable.  All offers presented and considered...”  

Use the information above to navigate through their objections, but if they say "this can’t be done," then maybe it's time to consider another listing agent.

This is a lot of information to absorb! To make things easy for you moving forward, we suggest two options. If something isn't clear, then reach out and ask a question. If you're ready to sign up with TRELORA, talk with an agent.