Text Integration

When a client begins their home selling journey, MyTRELORA auto-provisions a custom phone number, allowing them to call and text their listing team directly. Incoming calls are routed appropriately (and automatically recorded for the benefit of our team and client), and incoming texts instantly grab the attention of the team associated with the transaction. 

Integrated text is not the next electric car, but there is a component of innovation to this feature. Incoming texts auto-populate to the the listing team's transaction platform, associating it with the correct transaction. MyTRELORA archives all communication, meaning jabber (where these texts automatically populate) captures the intricacies of every transaction, further lending itself to better customer service.  

Our team members can then return texts straight from the MyTRELORA platform without skipping a beat. Texting is a widely accepted form of communication and with the complex integration, our team can converse with clients much more efficiently. 

Making it possible for the team to text clients through MyTRELORA opens up the next level of  partner efficiency.


Five Star Ratings

A systematized approach to collecting feedback from our customers on specific milestones and activities, as well as allowing the capture of ad hoc "in the moment" feedback a customer can give us at any time.  

The 5 star rating system encourages constant feedback, diminishing the barriers between TRELORA sellers and partners. Clients are prompted at every stage of their transaction to give feedback in a non intrusive fashion.

Clients have the opportunity to reinforce their feedback and submit a reason as to why they chose to rate us as they did.  This feedback then populates to the agent's MyTRELORA view of the transaction, granting them a leading indicator into the emotions of their client. 

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 10.06.39 AM.png

Agents now have an accurate gauge and a holistic view of the transactions in their book of business along with the correlating emotions of their clients. 

Information is power.

The 5 star review system imparts detailed information directly from the client to their agent, translating to world class customer service. After mere weeks of this feature going active, it's begun to drive and inspire our team to another level. 

In the future we will be rolling out the five star rating tool to agents we are working with, along with our clients. 

The 5 Star review functionally reinforces TRELORA's core vale: leaving others better.  

Seller Net Sheet

Imagine you're selling your home in a hot market.  Multiple offers are rolling in, numbers are everywhere, and you're inundated with definitions and terms that you know nothing about.  Among all the chaos, how do you make sense of it all?  The seller net sheet built into MyTRELORA is the answer.  

The Net Sheet is a tool that quickly calculates the amount of equity our clients can expect to pocket upon the sale of their home.

The sheet takes into account all of the necessary numbers: HOA fees, loan information, expected sale price, buyer agent commissions, and any other necessary information, to give our clients an accurate figure for the amount of money they can expect to make from their sale.

The net sheet is available to both the seller and the TRELORA agent. The tool is always available within MyTRELORA, so the client can login whenever they want to change their numbers, or experiment with a different offer price.  On the flip side, the TRELORA agent can login to support the seller with the net sheet, or to use the sheet as a leading indicator to find out how the seller is feeling about a certain offer price.  

The net sheet is another powerful reason to utilize TRELORA over a competing brokerage.  The feature is a clear representation of MyTRELORA as a whole: powerful, transparent, and exceedingly simple to use.  A tool that communicates the savings that TRELORA advocates so aggressively  for.

Letter from the CTO

MyTRELORA is the proprietary platform, built by TRELORA´s internal development team, that is redefining how people buy and sell homes. TRELORA is overcoming the complex transaction process dominated by physical paperwork, and protected by impenetrable walls. The tech team focuses on creating a completely transparent, powerful, and easy to use tool to truly lead a revolution in real estate. 

MyTRELORA is our main objective.

Real estate agents spend the majority of their time on monotonous tasks, tedious paperwork, and the arduous management of dates and deadlines. TRELORA aims to strip the home transaction of time consuming, repetitive tasks through the implementation of technological systems, providing a five star experience to our clients and partners. 

MyTRELORA today is such an integrated part of our lives, and the lives of our clients it’s mind blowing to realize that this time last year it didn’t exist. Not one line of it.

MyTRELORA acts as the groundwork. Enabling us to move full-speed ahead. We plan on deploying an average of three tech improvements daily, and rolling out at least one major feature per week. 

Our most recent milestones and feature releases include team-to-client texting capabilities, seller net-sheet functionality, and an uber-esque 5-star rating system.  

Our team's number one objective is to build an transparent and powerful platform that maximizes the relationship between the agent and client, while stripping away all of the monotonous, tedious tasks, to make the home selling experience extraordinary. 

- Keith Hunniford