Thanksgiving is a favorite American holiday, full of tradition, food, football and family. It’s also a fun time to decorate our homes, and make them welcoming and warm for our family and visitors. Here are some of our favorite home DIY Thanksgiving decoration ideas to feel festive without spending an arm and a leg.

1) Cinnamon Stick Candles

So simple! Take a small white candle, surround it with fresh cinnamon sticks and tie it up with twine. Easy, cheap and smells divine.

2) Thankful Tree

Simply Vintage Girl (@createfullife) offers a tutorial for a gorgeous tree that involves all family members to share what they are thankful for. So get a glass jar, add some large sticks and get some wooden chalkboard tags. Fill them out and hang them. And you can decorate the jar how you like, but the end result is personal and the activity is full of gratitude. See the tutorial here.
Thanksgiving DIY decorating ideas

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3) Candy Corn Spray Painted Jar Candle

At Prudent Penny Pincher, one of our favorite candles makes their list of cheap and easy projects. And all you need is 8-inch glass jar candles and orange and yellow spray paint. Layer the colors like a candy corn and voila! What, you want more DIY Thanksgiving decoration ideas? Read on.

4) Wine Cork Pumpkin

So many of us save wine corks in the hopes of doing something crafty. Well, here’s an idea for fall. And My Gourmet Connection offers a tutorial for how to make a wine cork pumpkin that is simple and cute.
Wine Cork Pumpkin

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5) Homemade Banner

This is an oldie but goodie. The materials: brown lunch bags, a black marker, and black ribbon make this project inexpensive yet classy. View the tutorial at Check @athoughtfulplace’s Instagram.

6) Book Pumpkin

Touted as a great activity for older kids, this book pumpkin project takes an old paperback and transforms it into a unique pumpkin. A perfect example of DIY Thanksgiving decoration ideas.
Book pumpkin

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7) Natural Scents

There are a wide variety of fall-scented candles and air fresheners, but Creative Healthy Family outlines some great reasons to go natural instead…with some cinnamon and orange peel, you can make your house smell incredible!

8) Metallic Spray Painted Gourds

This trend has been around for a few years, but we don’t see it going anywhere soon. It is simple, fun, inexpensive, and results in a classy, impactful look. Take pumpkins and other gourds, spray paint them gold, silver, or copper. Then group them and display them inside or outside.

9) DIY Leaf Bowl

How has this list gotten so far without Mod Podge? A plastic bowl, artificial leaves, Mod Podge, a glaze and plastic wrap are all it takes to make this autumn creation. And this DIY leaf bowl is sure to be your new favorite potpourri bowl. Follow @consumercrafts on Instagram.

10) Foam Centerpiece

Don’t you worry – no one will know that any part of this beautiful centerpiece isn’t real. But @suburban_simplicity knows how to make inexpensive materials look rich. Take a look at this tutorial for a pumpkin and flowers centerpiece. And there you have it, our DIY Thanksgiving decoration ideas.

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