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Seattle’s Pie House a House Built Out of Spite?

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Located in Seattle, the pie house is 15 feet wide at its thickest and 55 inches wide and its thinnest. As you can imagine, the wedge shaped house with it’s wonky walls made it a local landmark.  But it’s shaped up nicely over the years, most recently selling  for $630,000 in 2018. 

TRELORA - The Spite House

Why does it have it’s odd shape? Well there’s a few different theories floating around on the internet.

Theory 1: Neighbor Problems

Apparently, the man who originally owned the property tried to sell it to his neighbors. They were building next door and the plot of land would’ve been perfect for a large garden. The neighbors decided he was selling out of desperation, the property was obviously too small to build on. They figured they could have the vacant land, even without paying for it.

Now, the owner wasn’t too pleased with that rebuttal and set out to prove them wrong. He built the house on the “unbuildable” land, to prove he could. The final piece of revenge? He painted the wall facing the neighbors black.

Theory 2: The Nasty Divorce

The next popular theory is that the house stemmed out of a nasty divorce. In an odd divorce suit, the judge awarded the couple’s house to the husband and the wife received the 3,090 square foot front yard. Enraged she set out on a mission and constructed the spite house.

Theory 3: Encroaching Builders

In this scenario, a German man owned the property and authorized someone to build a home on the land. But he wasn’t specific about how large the home should be. He soon came back to Seattle from Germany, shocked to see how much of his property the new home took up. In retaliation, he had his home constructed on the pie shaped slice of land that remained.

Regardless of which theory is correct, the house was definitely built out of spite. The legal term for it? Malicious erection. Spite houses are now blockable by law, making the pie house even more rare. But past owners have said they love it’s rich history.

TRELORA - The Spite House
Beyond the seating area, the kitchen extends to the back of the house, curving and getting progressively narrower near the backdoor.
TRELORA - The Spite House
Open up the curved front door and you’re smack dab in the middle of a charming living room.
TRELORA - The Spite House
The first floor master bedroom somehow looks light and airy, despite its small size.
TRELORA - The Spite House
The second bedroom is located in the basement, accessible only by walking outside the main home.

The quirky home is definitely charming.

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