Carmella L  – Satisfied Customer

I always did things on my own. I had sold some houses by myself without an agent, and Rod Ward called me out of the blue. I told him I wasn’t interested, and he said he understood that, but would it be okay if he followed up in a month, just to see how things were going? I thought, why not, he’s so polite, I don’t mind. And he did call back in a month. And to be frank, I hadn’t been able to sell this one. I wasn’t desperate to sell, but it also was a different area than I was used to and a different price point, and in the middle of a pandemic too. And so I thought, why not give Trelora a try?

Rod was incredible. He knows his stuff. He juggled backup offers, all the paperwork, and whenever he called, he was always polite and would ask a question first before saying anything else: “Hey, do you have a minute to talk?” Always considerate. 

I can’t think of anything he could have done that would have been better, his follow up was always terrific. 

It’s true that real estate agents have a bad reputation sometimes, and they’re hard to work with because often it’s all about them. And you might think you know it all and don’t need a real estate agent. Well, I’ll tell you that, after doing all these things on my own, I would definitely work again with Rod, and I would talk to any prospective customer about it too.