REALTOR fees are technically up to the homeowner or the homebuyer. However, the custom for how much REALTOR fees are has become treated as law, which is 6% of the home sale price divided between both sides. Just like with the price of a home, how much you offer a REALTOR is negotiable, meaning they don’t have to accept if they feel the terms are unfair. At TRELORA, our agent fees are $3,000 in the Denver metro and $4,000 in the Seattle metro for the buyer or seller, regardless of the price of the home. REALTOR fees in Denver are commonly 3% for each side, and just recently the median home price in Denver reached over $500,000, which means that with a REALTOR a buyer or seller would pay $15,000 in commissions, while TRELORA would only charge $3,000 -$4,000 depending on what state you live in. So always remember that your REALTOR fees are up to you, and they are counting on you not negotiating.