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Technology streamlines our process, so our agents can do more—225 deals per agent per year, putting them in the top 1% nationwide. The average real estate agent closed 6 deals last year. More experience means you get better market knowledge, better advice, and better deals.

Reviews from our clients

Stormie H.
Reviewed Aug 26, 2018
star star star star star
Our experience with Trelora could not have been better! We sold a house and purchased a home simultaneously which was a stressful process but they made it easy to understand, process and go through. We loved everyone on our team and saving money was an incredible bonus. We will definitely use Trelora again and recommend it to everyone we know!
Arthur M.
Reviewed Sep 16, 2018
star star star star star
Christina, Mike and Michelle were efficient, authentic and worked as an amazing team. Held our hands the entire time and made the process easy. As first time home buyers our experience was amazing. TRELORA is the only way to buy a home.
Kristine T.
Reviewed Jul 12, 2018
star star star star star
Fantastic team to work with. Excellent value and very streamlined process. Use Trelora to Sell or Buy! The old realestate model has expired and most agents in the traditional industry seem to lack the integrity and ethics to compete fair. Trelora will save YOUR hard earned money - not make the TRADITIONAL Realestate agents rich by doing virtually nothing.

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Mike Page, Lead Agent

590+ homes bought & sold

4.8 star star star star star

rated 4.8

Chris Aubuchon, Lead Agent

Rated 4.9 by our clients

4.9 star star star star star

rated 4.9

Get cash back at closing.

Buyer’s agents typically earn about a 3% commission (that’s $12,000 for a $400,000 house). When you buy with us, we only accept a low flat fee of $3,000 in Denver or $4,000 in Seattle, no matter what the home costs. We write you a check for the difference at closing, for an average of $11,000 cash back.

Average Cash Back


That's 4 mortgage payments!

Isaac and Kirsten

Refunded $23,140

Enough to pay 5 months' mortgage

Hasibur and Aiman

Refunded $29,998

Covered closing costs and still took home $22k

Pamela & Charles

Refunded $12,000

Their refund reduced the purchase price

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