How much are REALTOR fees to sell house?

The amount of commission or REALTOR fees to sell a house is up to the homeowner. Also, what the buyer’s agent will receive in REALTOR fees is also up to the homeowner. When signing a contract with an agent when selling your house, there will be a standard line item that states that you agree to pay the listing agent 6% commission on the house sale. This is a suggestion from your agent, but it is negotiable. Certainly, 6% has become the norm and most all listing agents expect to receive it, but it is only a suggestion and it is certainly not law. If you are in Seattle, where the median home price is $727,000, the standard REALTOR fees to sell a house would be $43,620. Make sure you think you will get that much value out of your agent before committing to those steep fees.

In addition, there will be another line item that suggests how much to offer the buyer’s agent for their time. Again, the standard here will be 3%, as REALTORs are looking out for each other. And here again, this point is negotiable. You can offer the buyer’s agent whatever you feel is fair, same as with the agent selling the house.

TRELORA is a flat fee real estate agency, and we charge a flat fee of $3,000 in the Denver Metro and $4,000 in the Seattle Metro to sell a house. We have literally saved homeowners more than $43 million in real estate commissions over the life of our work, and we save thousands for anyone selling a home. There is no reason to compensate a listing agent based on a percentage of your home sale price. Pay them according to the value of their efforts.