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Real Estate. 

We believe real estate can be different.  

Selling or buying a home is not just a transaction; a home is so much more. 

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Can you trust Online Estimates?

Let's Find Out! 

We pitch three leading online price estimators against each other and grade your results.

A home is where families are created, hearts are nurtured and memories are made. 


We believe your hours spent maintaining, investing, and caring for your home are worth something.


We provide exceptional, full service real estate representation. 

We are proud to consistently maintain a NPS score above 90%*. 

*That is over twice the traditional industry average! 

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We believe a dedicated agent* is a valuable partner in a major life event. Our team has a vested interest in your home, just like you do. 

*TRELORA's agents are in the top 1% nationwide. 


The future of real estate, now.


The myTRELORA platform provides full transparency and increased control of your personal real estate transaction.

Home photography, public data, showing history, and personalized information is all in one place and available 24 hours a day. This platform includes Jabber, a portal that lets you chat with the team any time, and an easy to use app tracks and notifies you of every new communication or updates to the transaction.

We believe you should be in complete control. 

We realize we are not just selling a home, we are helping you through a stressful process. Information is the foundation of peace of mind and trust. The myTRELORA platform serves as a window into the inner workings of your deal, keeping you in touch through your entire transaction.


Transparency and candid communication drive positive change.

Finding and buying a home is easier than ever, and it's time for real estate companies to adjust accordingly. If you buy a TRELORA home, the total amount paid on the buy side is $2,500, not 3%. If we help you buy a home, you’re only paying $2,500 for full service representation service. 

No secrets. No hidden costs. So simple you don’t even need a calculator!