Meet The Trelora Team

Trelora Team

Trelora exists to make home ownership simpler and more affordable. With Trelora, you get more than an agent — you get a team of professionals who are experts at their roles and their local markets. Together, our team has closed over 6,000 real estate transactions across the US. 

Brady Miller

Chief Executive Officer

Dave Workman

Chief Operating Officer

Andy Brandt headshot

Andy Brandt

Chief Technology Officer

Zack Sulsky

Chief Product Officer

Christopher Stjernholm

Vice President of Operations

Nicole Stjernholm

Corporate Counsel

Peter Whatley

Business Development Manager

Rod Ward

Director of Market Growth


Mike Page

Market Director

Greg Hanson

Listing Manager

Kurtis Arnold

Buy Agent

Evan Flood

Listing Agent

Sequeeta Robinson

Listing Agent

Bobby Ross

Buy Agent

Daniel Zigulich

Listing Agent

Raphael Dupuy

Buy Agent

Michelle Workman

Field Agent

Lauren Brail

Field Agent

Parker Norwood

Field Agent

Jaime Langer

Field Agent

Hannah Taylor

Field Agent

Shiree Coffman

Field Agent

Agnes Kistler

Field Agent

Kristina Kracus

Listing/Field Agent

Linda Work

Field Agent


Amanda Kruger

Listing Agent

Alexis Martz

Buy Agent



Brock Embree

General Manager


Amy Ferolie

Field Agent


Lyn DuPen

Field Agent


Jason Pyle

Buyer's Agent


Jason Schenk

Field Agent

North Carolina

Christina Parker

General Manager

South Carolina

Jillianne O'Connor

General Manager

Michael Delany

Associate Agent


Steven James

Steven James

General Manager


Steven James

Aaron Meisheid

Market Director

Agent Services

Zach Whittaker

Contracts Manager

Board Of Directors

Monty Moran

Former co-CEO, Chipotle

Chris Marks

Managing Director, Firebrand Ventures

Stephanie Spong

Partner, Royal Street Ventures

Tom Gart

Principal, Gart Companies


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Trelora’s agents specialize, so you get an expert at every stage. From pricing experts who watch the market daily to negotiation experts who get you the best deal, you always have the best person on your side.

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