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Our Mission

Trelora exists to modernize home ownership by making real estate simple, transparent, and fair. Buying or selling a home can be complicated, stressful, and expensive. We believe it doesn’t have to be that way.

Nearly every aspect of real estate has changed as software has made life easier for buyers, sellers, and agents. From online search to digital contracts to online scheduling to virtual showings, it has never been easier for buyers and sellers to find each other. At the same time, home values are soaring. This means traditional agents who take home as much as 6% of your equity have gotten a huge pay raise while their job has gotten easier thanks to technology.

At Trelora, we believe this commission model is outdated. Consumers deserve transparent, fair pricing when they buy and sell. By providing access to teams of experienced agents supported by proprietary software to streamline the process, we are proud to offer a simpler home-buying and selling experience at a fraction of the cost of most agents.

Our Values

Trelora is here to rethink real estate in your favor. Our values of Simplify, Maximize, and Serve drive everything we do.


Buying or selling a home is far too complicated. Consumers and agents can benefit from automation, better analytics, and a model focused on enabling communication. Trelora exists to eliminate and minimize transactional complexity so agents and customers can focus on what is important.


We believe homeowners should keep their equity and transaction costs should not prevent someone from buying a home. Trelora makes home ownership more attainable by attacking transaction costs at every opportunity.


Our customers hire us during the most stressful times of their lives. Buying or selling is one of many burdens they are carrying. Trelora exists to shoulder that burden and make the transition a little easier.

Trelora’s Story

Trelora was founded in 2011 in Denver, Colorado. Veteran real estate agent Joshua Hunt saw that the traditional commission structure wasn’t fair to consumers and founded Trelora to offer a better choice to buyers and sellers. Since then, Trelora has proudly served over 6,000 clients across the US, saving them over $65 million in commissions along the way.

In 2018, after building a reputation for excellent service and savings in Colorado, Trelora opened its second office in Seattle, Washington. The same year, Brady Miller took the helm as CEO with a mandate to grow Trelora from a thriving local brokerage into a national brand.

In 2022, Trelora joined forces with competitor Houwzer, becoming one brand committed to offering affordable services to homebuyers and home sellers across the country. This also meant that Trelora clients could now benefit from the in-house mortgage and title services offered by Houwzer.

In 2023, Trelora and Houwzer founded their parent company, Newfound. This allowed Trelora to leverage an extensive network of top-rated agents and integrated real estate services to further benefit clients.

Trelora now serves homeowners in 12 major cities across seven states, providing the same great service for thousands less than most agents charge. And we’re just getting started.

Join us in making the dream of home ownership attainable for the next generation of Americans.

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