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Work with top local real estate agents for thousands less.

Sellers save thousands

Most agents charge about 3% of your home’s price to represent you. That amounts to $15,000 for a $500,000 home. We think you deserve great service for less. Our low flat fee of $3,000 could save you thousands

Buyers get cash back

When you buy any home with Trelora, we share our commission with you. Buyers earn 50% of our commission, up to $6,000, cash back when they work with Trelora. Use your refund for anything from covering a few months’ mortgage to remodeling your new home.

A local team you can trust

Trelora’s local team in Charleston is supported by national expertise

Jillianne O'Connor

General Manager

Zach Whittaker

Contract Manager

Michael Delany

Associate Agent

Buyers and sellers love Trelora

Our Trelora team was fantastic from beginning to end! From getting it priced to having photos taken and our home listed and under contract, everyone took the time to answer our questions and deliver personalized service. I will be recommending Trelora to everyone I know who is buying or selling a house!

I am a licensed real estate broker and I have sold our 4th house with the help of Trelora. It really doesn’t make sense to me why the Sellers have to pay the Seller’s agent commission according to the price of the house when the work that the selling agent does is nearly the same whether the value of the house is low or high. The same goes for the Buyers agents, but that’s another story. Trelora does all that needs to be done with a fixed price and they do a very good job at it. I think this is the way it should be: We need to do what is good for the people, the Sellers and Buyers, and help them keep the money they own and deserve.


The agents were right on top of it and responded quickly through text and email. They advocated for us as the seller through the whole process and went 150%. Definitely would use them again.

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Trelora’s agents specialize, so you get an expert at every stage. From pricing experts who watch the market daily to negotiation experts who get you the best deal, you always have the best person on your side.