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Trelora and Houwzer Establish Parent Company Newfound, And Launch New Brands HomeRise, Dash, And Newfound Enterprise

Houwzer and Trelora are announcing the creation of their parent company, Newfound. The company is launching a suite of pioneering product lines designed to address the needs of an evolving real estate market.

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The internet didn't shrink 6% real estate commissions. But this lawsuit might

The current way in which Americans buy homes is a combination of intentional design, historical accident and litigation.

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Whether buying or selling a house, commissions are negotiable

Hunt’s aggressive advocacy of lower and more transparent commission rates raises key questions for anyone considering selling or buying today: What is the “typical” commission rate on a home sale? Is it all negotiable? And do you know how commissions get divvied up?

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Denver-based real estate tech firm Trelora expands to St. Louis

Trelora describes itself as technology-focused residential real estate brokerage that operates with a “low, fair fee model” opposed to a traditional commissioned-based approach.

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“The traditional model of a home seller paying about six percent of the sale price to real estate agents involved in the transaction is outdated.”

Denver-area real estate agents face challenges from DIY buyers and sellers and low-cost competitors

Denver-based Trelora positions itself as a “disruptor” to the traditional, full-service real estate agency. Buyers and sellers pay a flat fee for Trelora’s agents, who are salaried.

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Sell Your Home For No Commission? Changing Face Of Colorado Real Estate

The company believes the traditional model of a home seller paying about six percent of the sale price to real estate agents involved in the transaction is outdated…

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Denver homebuyers facing off against more deep-pocketed investors this year

High prices are turning potential buyers into renters, drawing in investors even at elevated prices

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Choosing to rent or buy? Rise in home affordability can make it an easy decision

Brady Miller, the CEO of Trelora, a real estate tech firm, also believes in the benefits of homeownership. “When you buy a home, your monthly payments are going to stay the same even as the property appreciates, which means that the money you invest will be worth a lot more in future dollars…”

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