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The Best Places To Live in Tucson | A Complete Guide

by | Dec 28, 2021 | Buying, Phoenix

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Relocating to a new city can be overwhelming, with a significant challenge being buying a home in unfamiliar territory. So, we’re outlining the best places to live in Tucson to help you choose which is ideal for you.

Tucson, Arizona, has a population of 1.5 million. The city is known for its cosmopolitan culture, diverse terrain, and low cost of living. Plus, it offers a host of outdoor activities. From extensive golf courses to hiking trails across breathtaking flora and fauna to fascinating art galleries.

Downtown Tucson is well developed and boasts of modern infrastructure with beautiful architecture. Here streets are numbered from east to west while avenues extend from north to south.

Highlights of Tucson, AZ

The skies in Tucson tend to always be clear, as the sun shines almost throughout the year. Locals can rest easy knowing the crime rate is relatively low. With that, the area offers a wide variety of jobs. This includes positions at the The University of Arizona, within the tourism and hospitality industries. But, the area is also great for entrepreneurs. Specifically, entrepreneur-friendly policies make it easier to launch small businesses. Public transportation is reliable, plus the city has dedicated bicycle tracks. Tucson is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts like bikers, trekkers, runners, and sports lovers. Not to mention, the area has music concerts, street fairs and unique museum exhibits. SO it’s safe to say the the cultural scene is buzzing year-round.

Why live in Tucson?

Within Arizona, Phoenix is the most populated city, and Tucson comes a close second. If you want to live, work and invest in a big city with a friendly vibe, Tucson ticks these checkboxes, as more than half its population is between the 18 and 64 age bracket.

Affordable home prices have seen a significant rise over the last few years with the sale of residential properties and the speed with which rental units find takers. As a result, Tucson ranks high on the list of places to reside, and its housing market has a healthy mix of units occupied by owners and tenants.

Neighborhoods in Tucson

Finding an address in the city is relatively easy. Homes lay in a grid pattern running north to south and east to west. Tucson’s fascinating aspect is that every great neighborhood is equipped with amenities and has a uniquely appealing character. 

Whether you are searching for a safe neighborhood, one that is socially buzzing or close to reputable schools, Tucson residential hubs do not disappoint. Here, we recommend the best places to live in Tucson, or even invest in or rent properties:

El Presidio

Considered one of the best places to live in Tucson, El Presidio is steeped in history and culture. It provides the ideal setting to raise a family in downtown Tucson. Homes vary in size, style, and pricing, so you have the luxury of choice.

For your children, there exist renowned schools where they can receive a quality education, attend family-friendly events, and dine in family-run restaurants.

Armory Park

Another desirable neighborhood in Tucson is Armory Park. This is one of the best places to live in Tucson for senior citizens specifically. For example, the Senior Center located here offers fun activities and assists the elderly.

There are also many good schools in the vicinity and even a children’s museum.Well-constructed homes here are available in Victorian, Greek Revival, Anglo Territorial, and Queen Anne styles.


Considered one of the best places to live in Tucson by longterm residents is Dunbar/Spring. North of downtown Tucson, Dunbar/Spring is home to a vibrant community with shops and restaurants just a walk away from many residential properties. The churches and social service establishments within Dunbar/Spring lend a sense of purpose for the residents.

Parks, shopping centers, theatres, and restaurants provide welcome entertainment. Depending on your budget, you can opt for an independent bungalow or an apartment. With that, schools like Mexicayotl Academy Charter, John Spring Junior High, and Martin lay a solid foundation for your growing kids.

Sam Hughes

This central Tucson neighborhood provides an appealingly homely setting with its charming bungalows and Territorial homes on tree-lined streets. Plus, considering Sam Hughes is situated close to the University of Arizona campus, the residents are a lively mix of students, university professors, working professionals, and young families.

The neighborhood association here is quite active and hosts regular events. You can also conveniently access essential provisions and your kids can attend some of the best schools in the city while living here. Additionally, prices of homes appeal to a variety of budgets allowing you to make a practical pick.

Barrio Historico

Once home to longtime Hispanic residents, Barrio Historico is now increasingly witnessing creative artists and couples yet to start a family relocating here. Not to mention, brightly colored row houses, even among the newer properties, are affordably available.

This up and coming neighborhood has a distinctive Mexican vibe where individual buildings have been restored and converted into commercial and private units. Ultimately, out of all the Tucson Barrios, Barrio Historico is rated the best preserved.

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Rita Ranch

Located in Pima County, Rita Ranch is undoubtedly among the best places to stay in Arizona. Most residents own homes here rather than rent out as they prefer this neighborhood’s sparse urban feel.

In addition, the public schools in this vicinity are highly rated, and the surrounding parks attract many families to Rita Ranch. Young professionals, too, opt to reside in one of the many smaller neighborhoods that make up this extensive community. Overall, properties for sale here are approximately 1900 square feet with four bedrooms.

Catalina Foothills

This area reflects a minimalist feel with narrow streets winding through hills and fewer sidewalks. Homes here are painted in muted creams and browns to blend in effortlessly with Tucson’s natural desert landscape.

Catalina Foothills houses schools, shopping centers, restaurants, and art galleries of repute. Overall, it’s popular among retirees and working professionals, many of whom find it more affordable to rent a space in this quiet and safe Tucson neighborhood.

A real estate agency using cutting-edge technology like Trelora guarantees a seamless experience and matches your lifestyle needs. So settle into your Tucson neighborhood and witness this culturally rich city gradually growing on you. 

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