How much commission to sell a house?

Most real estate agents charge a commission around 6% to sell a house. Even negotiated commissions rarely fall below 5%. This percentage is usually split between the buying agent and the selling agent. When selling a home in Denver, this creates an average commission of $30,000 to sell a house. When selling in Seattle, the average commission is more like $46,000. It’s all too easy to ignore this money because it comes out of the home price after the sale is completed.

Big picture: To sell a house, how much commission you pay really depends on who you turn to. Some people try to sell their homes without the help of a real estate agent or by paying a simple fee to get their home on the multiple listing service that most buyers use to search for homes. This is a tempting choice when the alternative is sacrificing 6% of a home’s equity. For homeowners in Colorado and Washington, there’s a better option altogether. Learn more about TRELORA’s flat-fee and full-service real estate.