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How much is realtor commission?

In most cases, the realtor commission will be around 6% of what your home sells for, split between the seller’s realtor and the buyer’s realtor. Using the median home prices for Denver and Seattle, the realtor commission would be more than $30,000 and $46,000, respectively. Even sellers who are able to negotiate their realtor commission below 6% are still going to pay tens of thousands of dollars to put their home on the market and/or to find their next dream home.

Realtor hourly rates really bring these numbers into focus. A real estate agent will spend around 37 hours, on average, helping a seller or buyer with their home purchase. Based on the average realtor commission, that’s more than $400 per hour in Denver and more than $625 per hour in Seattle. The realtor commission, siphoned off at the end of a home sale, hides a lot of inefficiency built into the real estate industry.

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