How much percent does real estate agent get?

The percent that a real estate agent gets is usually about 2.5-3% of the home sale, minus any fees the agent must pay out to the broker and other third parties. The total commission on a home sale is often around 6%, which is split between the buying agent and the selling agent. Commissions are negotiable. An agent will suggest the percent they expect to get, but the seller may return with a counteroffer. The problem is too often the search for a lower commission rate leads to realtors who don’t give their full attention to the case.

This 6% commission might have made sense when the average home value was still under $250,000. But in Denver where the average home price is about $500,000 and Seattle where homes average about $750,000, this commission is out of line with the time and resources needed for a home sale. Enter TRELORA. We don’t charge a percent. Instead, you pay a flat fee of $3,000 (Colorado) or $4,000 (Washington). Our system is proving that real estate agents take too much of the sale, and we’re working to overcome these system inefficiencies to save you money. Our real estate task specialization allows our team to offer full-service real estate, while you save big on your home sale or purchase.