About Trelora

We Make Real Estate Simple & Transparent

Our Mission

Trelora exists to make home ownership easier and more affordable.
Buying or selling a home can complicated, stressful, and expensive. We believe doesn’t have to be that way.

Nearly every aspect of real estate has changed as software has made life easier for buyers, sellers, and agents. From online search to digital contracts to online scheduling to virtual showings, it has never been easier for buyers and sellers to find each other. At the same time, home values are soaring. This means traditional agents who take home as much as 6% of your equity have gotten a huge pay raise while thanks to technology their job has gotten easier.

At Trelora, we believe this commission model is outdated. Consmers deserve transparent, fair pricing when they buy and sell. By providing access to teams of experienced agents supported by proprietary software to streamline the process, we are proud to offer a simpler home-buying and selling experience at a fraction of the cost of most agents.