What is a Seller’s Agent or Listing Agent?

  • What is a seller's agent?

Selling a home can quickly become stressful and challenging. Luckily, a real estate seller’s agent can help in providing services that advise and guide the seller throughout the process. A seller’s or listing agent carries out various duties such as marketing, agent management, and staging advice. While the seller is paying the agent a commission to sell the home, the agent is also  bound by the laws of the state to do their best to sell their client’s property.

A seller’s agent (also referred to as a listing agent), is a broker or real estate agent who represents the homeowner in a property transaction. It is necessary for the seller’s agent to have an active real estate license in the state of the property they are selling. 

7 Things A Seller’s Agent Should Do

1) Price your home.  Your seller’s agent should help you determine what price to list your home at. To recommend a price your seller’s agent should look at comparable homes, market trends, and your specific home’s location and improvements.

2) Prepare your home.  A high-quality seller’s agent will make you aware of what the property needs to make sure it gets the best price. Your agent should also give you tips on staging your house so it looks its best when buyers are touring the property. 

3) They will devise a plan. It is essential to know how your listing agent is going to make your property stand out and increase the number of showings on your home. They should have a plan for determining buyer prospects and market to them effectively.

4) Arrange professional photography. More than 90 percent of buyers searching for properties online make a decision based on pictures. It is essential for seller’s agents to arrange for professional photography so they can properly market your home. 

5) Communicate regularly. Your real estate agent should prepare a report for the sellers each week to make them aware of everything they are doing to market and sell the property.

6) Negotiate. The listing agent should be a fierce negotiator. Part of his or her job is to help ensure they get you the best offer possible. Remember, price is only one part of the offer. The offer they will negotiate on your behalf will get you the best terms on things including closing date, repairs/concessions, commissions, and of course price.  

7) Contract and process management. A seller’s agent will need to be incredibly detailed so they stay on top of all details and deadlines to keep the sale progressing and ultimately get you to the closing table.

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