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7 Ways to Use Your Commission Rebate

by | Mar 3, 2020 | Buying

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Trelora is the only brokerage in the country that will give you HALF of the buyer’s agent commission at closing! We want the home buying journey to be a partnership between our team and our clients, so that’s why we’ve put our money where our mouth is and created the most client-friendly commission model in America. Trelora buyers save an average of $7,500 per transaction! Here are the 7 most popular ways our clients use their commission rebates:

Home Improvement/Repairs

A majority of our clients use their commission rebate for home improvement projects or repairs. As you can see in our Zillow and Google reviews, our past clients have used their commission rebates for new floors, fencing, kitchen appliances, furniture, and blinds. One past client even bought a brand new furnace!

Payoff Debt

Some clients choose to pay off debt instead. Trelora has been responsible for helping our clients pay off thousands and thousands of dollars of credit card, automobile, and student loan debt.

Afford More House

Other clients use the commission rebate to stretch the top end of their budget or purchase a home they otherwise couldn’t afford. If someone can afford a $500,000 home purchase with a traditional realtor, that means they can afford a $507,000 home purchase with the Trelora team. Sometimes that $7,000 can be the difference between getting the home of your dreams!

Pay For Moving Expenses

A lot of clients have paid for all of their moving expenses with their commission rebate. From packing supplies to renting a truck to hiring movers, moving expenses can stack up quickly; why not use your commission rebate to cover those costs?

Start a Child’s College Fund

Those clients that have growing families often use their commission rebate to jump start their children’s college fund. No matter if it’s a state school or Ivy League, there’s no better time to start saving than now!

Bolster Savings Account

Buying a home is expensive, so some of our more financially conscious clients just use that money the boring way and bolster their savings accounts. For some people, the financial stability of having a strong savings account is more appealing than anything else.

Take a Vacation

Buying a home can be stressful so some clients use their commission rebate to take a vacation once they’re all settled in to their new home. What a better way to unwind from the whirlwind of moving than to spend a week or two in the destination of your choice!

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