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Should I Buy or Sell During the Summer?

by | Jun 13, 2024 | Buying, Selling

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The longer hours of summertime provide some distinct advantages for those in the real estate market. The combination of better weather and changes in schedules creates opportunities for both sellers and buyers looking to make a summer move.

Seller Advantages

Landscaping and Outdoor Amenities Pop 

If your home has outdoor space, summer is a great time to highlight that perk. Well-manicured landscaping and functioning outdoor amenities make a strong first impression on buyers—a struggle during the colder months. Factors such as an open and clean pool or vibrant flower beds can help put you ahead of other sellers in your neighborhood.

Warm weather also allows buyers to picture themselves enjoying patios, decks, and outdoor kitchens more readily. 

Buyers May Be on Tighter Timelines

Families with children might be looking to be settled in a new district before the next school year starts in order to disrupt schedules as little as possible. A need to move can be advantageous for sellers as buyers might be willing to find more wiggle room on their end in order to get to the closing table ASAP. A less contentious and drawn-out transaction usually means less stress for everyone involved.

Buyers May Be More Serious

With vacations and outdoor activities more prominent during the summer, buyers who choose to spend their time house hunting are generally more serious about buying. These buyers often come with extra preparation and are ready more move quicker. This also translates to buyers who may be more willing to make competitive offers—whether that be over asking or waiving certain contingencies.

More Showing Options

Since the sun sets later during the summer, buyers have a wider range of times that they can schedule showings. This also means that sellers can accommodate more showings in a day, which translates to the potential for more buyers to come through—and more offers. Buyers are also more likely to have a good first impression seeing a property in the daylight and being able to get a feel for the neighborhood.

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Buyer Advantages

Less Hectic than Spring

After a busy spring market, many buyers may slow down during the summer for vacations and other activities. Less competition reduces your chance of entering a bidding war and allows for more negtiating power—whether that be on price or otherwise. This slower market also helps to reduce the stress and urgency that many home buyers face, allowing for a more thorough decision-making process.

Unsold Listings Dropping Price

Sellers who have been listed since the spring may opt to lower their listing price if they don’t sell by summer. As the number of days on market increases, sellers might be more willing to accept a lower offer or make concessions—all things that can mean savings for buyers. If you’re looking to time the market or working with a tighter budget, this might be the exact scenario you’re looking for.

Showing Conditions

Going on showings is more enjoyable when the weather is nice. If you’re considering homes with more outdoor features—like garden beds or pools—you’ll be able to appreciate the features at their best.

Sunlight and favorable conditions also allows you to take a closer look at the home’s exterior without rushing to get inside. It’ll be easier to assess how well the roof, windows, landscaping, and siding are holding up, allowing you to feel more confident in making an offer (or opting to walk away).

Include the Kids

For families with children, summertime means kids are more available to join in on the house hunt. Though the decision is ultimately up to parents, many families value their kids’ input—at least to some extent. Having children “help” to pick out a future home can also lessen the impact that the transition may have on them. They can get excited learning about nearby attractions, such as a playground down the road or a community pool.

Community Feel

Summertime often means community events and social gatherings within neighborhoods. Seeing the amount the neighbors interact—or don’t—can give you a good idea of what to expect moving to a new area. You also may have the chance to attend local events and explore nearby amenities, giving you a further glance into community feel.

Convenience of Moving

Summer weather tends to be more favorable across the board, lessening the risk of a big storm hitting while you’re trying to move. Storms can also cause delays to a move or potentially damage your belongings during transit. In addition, longer daylight hours make packing and unpacking easier during evening hours.

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Whether you’re buying or selling, the summer real estate market can offer some real advantages. Taking advantage of better weather, a changing real estate market, or outdoor features can be the difference that leads to a successful real estate transaction.

If you’re considering moving, take the time to evaluate whether the summer market might be right for you and your family.

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