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Atlanta Housing Market: December 2021

by | Dec 9, 2021 | Buying, Selling

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As we approach the heart of winter, the temperature may be dropping, but the real estate market is as hot as ever. Fall saw a decrease in inventory across most markets, as is standard for this time of year. As inventory decreases it’s no surprise the market remains competitive as serious buyers search for new homes. 

Real estate across the country continues to see 10 to 15 showings per listing, showcasing just how much demand is outpacing supply. With that, as we approach year end, home values are up as much as 30% in some areas since this time last year. Many are wondering if the housing market will finally cool off in 2022, but as interest rates remain low, buyer competition will likely remain high. 

All stats below are based on End of Month in October vs November:

Atlanta Housing Market

Supply and Demand: In November there were 5.5 weeks worth of housing inventory available, a 8% decrease from the 6 weeks we saw in October. 

Median days on the market – In November houses spent 8 days on the market on average, the same number of days we saw in October. 

New homes on the market –  In November, there were 8,149 new homes on the market, a 16% decrease from the 9,758 new homes we saw in October. 

Homes sold – In November 6,762 homes sold, an increase of 6% over October’s 6,336 homes sold.

With a steady decrease in Atlanta area listings, being a buyer in this market is a challenge. Many buyers have opted to pause their search and begin looking for homes again in the spring. Others remain persistent and continue to compete for the limited number of new homes hitting the open market each month. Atlanta homes continue to spend just 8 days on the market on average, but showings per listing decreased slightly in November. With that, the median sales price of Atlanta area homes remains at $355,000. Thus, if you are a homeowner who is thinking about selling, even winter can be a great time to do so!

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Seller Suggestions 

While we are still facing a strong sellers market across the country, trends are beginning to show signs of small changes. Inventory is down across most markets as is typical of this time of year, but bidding wars are seeing fewer competitors and homes are selling for list price, rather than 2-4% over list price. However, home values have increased dramatically in 2021, and will likely continue to increase through 2022. Sellers will continue to get top dollar for their homes when priced correctly. It remains essential to do your research when pricing your home to ensure you can sell in a timely manner and make purchasing your next home more attainable. Consult a local Trelora agent for a free home valuation and learn where to start if you’re considering selling your home, or just want to better understand what your options are in this market.

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Buyer Suggestions 

Fall has brought with it cooler temperatures and some favorable trends for home buyers. While inventory has 2021 has seen a large jump in homes purchased with cash, especially in popular markets like Arizona. This indicates the increase in investors purchasing properties. For first time buyers trying to compete in an already tight market, this is an added challenge that can be overwhelming for many. With that, affordability concerns are growing amongst buyers as home values continue to increase across the country. However, low interest rates, a promising job market and increased savings can counteract this and help make home ownership more accessible.  So, if buying a home is on your list of goals for 2022, consider reaching out to an expert agent in your area now to learn how you can avoid buyer burnout and find the right home for you and your budget.

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