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Denver Companies Helping Homeowners Get More from Their Belongings

by | Sep 19, 2018 | Denver

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Everybody wants to save money on what they buy. They also want to get more money from the things they sell. When someone is buying or selling a home, this goal is to shift this into overdrive. Getting more money from a home sale means buying or selling within a reasonable amount of time and walking away from the transaction with more money in your pocket. At TRELORA, we do this for buyers and for sellers by offering 1% pricing for full-service real estate. Our service saves the average Denver homeowner $13,500.  Don’t lose this chunk of equity in one of the most important property assets you’ll ever own. Not when you’re buying. Not when you’re selling.

Find More Liquidity and Equity in the Denver Resale Market

But we aren’t the only Denver-based company helping people walk away from a sale with more money in their pocket. We have collected local companies that are also proving—in their own way—that they can help homeowners get more money from their belongings.

good buy gear

Good Buy Gear:  Our friends at Good Buy Gear make it easier and more profitable for parents to buy and sell all of their gently used baby and kid gear. The Denver resale market for kid and baby gear is one area that’s seen big changes over the years, as hand-me-downs have become hot commodities. Think twice before donating or selling certain items for pennies-on-the-dollar.

Bikes, strollers, and baby gear all hold their value well and typically sell within days, but as Kristin Langenfeld, Co-Founder of Good Buy Gear, tells us, the real difference in selling with Good Buy Gear is that they do all the hard work for you, while still giving you most of the equity.

“We pick the items up. We sell them on our site, and we give the sellers up to  80% of the sale back in store credit or cash.”

Good Buy Gear will sell and ship certain items across the country; however,  Denver and Boulder families enjoy free shipping and more items to choose from. But don’t forget, they also sell high-quality used items, so if you need to buy something, you don’t have to pay off-the-shelf prices.

fate consignment denver

Fate: Got clothes? Formerly known as Ali’s Closet, Fate sells women’s clothes and accessories on consignment. Their 50/50 split with consignors and 90-day contract with a discount schedule that looks for the most equity from your belongings, while still making a sale within a reasonable timeframe. Fate has an established presence in Denver that goes back nearly 25 years, a beautiful store in Englewood, an open-air market space from May to October, and an online store that will market your clothes to a wider audience.

lush life consignment denver

Lush Life Consignment: It’s one thing to pack up your wardrobe, but what about your furniture and other larger items? Heidi Hollier, owner of Lush Life Consignment, explains the primary benefit of working with a popular home furnishings consignment store like Lush Life.

“Unlike one-time estate sales, auctions, garage sales and internet boards that bring limited showings, we provide an appealing display of your items in our storefront and a constant flow of clientele.”

Their new chic downtown location has a beautiful showroom floor and free parking behind the building. Plus, you don’t have to wait and hope on a consignment sale if you don’t want to. Lush Life Consignment makes competitive cash offers.

office liquidators lakewood

Office Liquidators: Before putting your home office furniture in a yard sale, you should know there’s a dedicated resale market for office furnishings created by Office Liquidators. With a showroom floor in Lakewood and an online marketplace, this company offers the best of both worlds for homeowners and small business owners looking to resell the assets out of their office space. With a projected annual growth rate of 5.49% over the next 5-year period, the office furnishings market is especially robust in a city like Denver that’s known for being a beacon for young entrepreneurs and start-up companies.

action computers denver

Action Computers: It’s hard to pin down the exact value for many belongings, but the value of used computers, tablets, smart phones, and other electronics can be especially difficult. Action Computers can help. They diagnose, repair, and/or buy old computers, smartphones, and other electronics at both their Arvada and South Denver store locations. Like other secondhand electronics stores, they make cash offers on iPhones and all Apple devices. The newest iPhones in particular are holding their value very well. In July, Liquidation specialist B-Stock found that the iPhone X was reselling at 85% of its original value and that even bulk purchasers like Action Computers were paying close to 75% of its original value. This is the kind of data we want you to know about when deciding which belongings to resell.

fluid market denver

Fluid Market: This is another Denver outlet for renting out your stuff. You can also rent out power tools, furniture, and other items with Fluid Market, but this company’s primary focus is automobiles, RVs, and trailers. This is a great option if you have a large vehicle that you don’t want to park near your home while it’s on the market. Alternately, this is a great place for DIY movers who are looking to save on moving costs by renting a privately-owned truck or van for less.

the pros closet denver

The Pro’s Closet: This is the spot for cyclists who may have bikes and bike parts that they want to sell. The Pro’s Closet offers three different options (store credit, trade-up, and cash offer) so you can choose the best balance between equity and liquidity. The trade-up offer is especially popular. The Pro’s Closet works with a network of local bike shops who will redeem this trade-up offer when selling you a new bike. More than just getting money out of an old bike, a lot of people are looking to switch out their ride. The bike you want for a daily commute in downtown Denver isn’t the same as the bike you want for mountain biking in the Rockies.

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