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Finding the Right Relocation Specialist Realtor

by | Jan 3, 2022 | Buying, Seattle

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Moving is stressful to begin with. But add moving across the country, or to an area you’re unfamiliar with and the moving process gets overwhelming fast. When you move to a new area, whether for work or pleasure, a relocation specialist realtor helps make the process more efficient and less stressful. Realtors who specialize in relocation understand that moving is a process and comes with big changes. 

How It Works

There are a few different types of relocation companies, you can choose to work with based on your needs, including relocation specialist realtors. Certified relocation professional and local mobility specialists are designated by an organization called the Worldwide ERC. These specialists are typically ideal for international moves. They include relocation services such as shipping vehicles, and applying for visas or immigration compliances. 

For moves within the US consider working with a relocation specialist realtor. A relocation specialist realtor helps you understand your local market, and find a home that fits your needs, whether from a few hours, or a few thousand miles away. With that, your real estate agent manages the relocation process and ultimately helps you to close on a house that’s right for you. When you work with a real estate brokerage like Trelora, with agents in a number of states across the country, you get the benefit of being able to work with one cohesive team on both the sale of your last home and the purchase or your new home. Trelora’s team can help you sell your home quickly for top dollar, and they help you purchase your new home. Trelora even provides virtual showings, on your schedule. 

As you are considering a brokerage to work with for both your sale and your purchase, be sure to ask if agents in both locations are actually part of the same team. Many brokerages operate with franchise models, in which each office is basically its own independent business. If you want a streamlined experience, you’ll want to work with a true team, like Trelora.

The Process

It’s helpful to get in contact with a relocation specialist realtor as soon as possible once you know you’ll be planning a move. By starting early, your realtor can help you to time the market if you are selling your current home. With that, knowing your timeline allows you to better plan for closing on a house in a new location. Plus, getting an early start can allow your realtor to assist you in finding vendors to fit your needs. For example, hiring movers or identifying local contractors if your new home will need any updates. 

Plan to meet with your relocation specialist realtor to discuss your needs, preferred communication methods and your timeline. This is the time to ask your agent about their experience with relocation, past client testimonials and any other questions you have about your move. 

What does a Relocation Specialist Realtor do?

Each person’s move is different, and can vary based on the city you’re moving to, your timeline, or simply the market. A relocation specialist realtor can typically help with these needs: 

  • Selling your current home: Whether you still live there, or are in a temporary location, your relocation realtor can help you sell your current home. Consider working with a team like Trelora, who has agents from coast to coast to support your needs. 
  • Recommendations: Your agent should be able to recommend reputable service providers like movers and local contractors. 
  • Data: Accurate data on your new community. This can help you identify the best local school districts or calculate commute times. 
  • Finding a new home: A specialist helps you understand the local market and determine which area is best for your needs. They’ll guide you through the offer and closing process. Plus, some companies like Trelora will even give you cash back at closing!
  • Navigating the paperwork: The process of closing on a house can vary in different parts of the country. For example, the amount of earnest money expected may range from hundreds of dollars, to thousands. 

The Bottom Line

A relocation realtor can make your move less overwhelming, and offer unique expertise throughout the process overall. Moving to a new area comes with unique challenges, but with the right team it can be exciting instead of stressful. 

It’s important to choose wisely when picking a real estate agent to act as your relocation specialist. Trelora agents provide top notch customer service to thousands of clients each year across the country. So you can sell your current home, or buy a new one with confidence knowing your agent has seen it all. 

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