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6 Tips on How to Make Your House Safer

by | Nov 26, 2018 | Home Improvement

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Whether you’re a frequent traveler, starting to lean toward doomsday prepping or just want some extra tips about how to make your house safer, here are some quick home safety tips.

Dog eat dog

Even if you don’t have a dog, would-be burglars might think twice if they think a dog is on the property; a welcome mat with paw prints on it, a few dog toys lying around the yard, can give that impression and are good home safety tips. Maybe consider a barking dog alarm. Or better yet, get a dog. Some large woof-dog breed with an over-sized, throaty bark as intruders approach would be ideal, but the incessant yapping of smaller breeds could also do the alarm trick. 

Take a flyer

One easy way to make your house safer is to make sure you aren’t leaving solicitation flyers, pizza delivery coupons, newspapers, etc. in your driveway or your doors. Even if you don’t feel like picking them up, it can look very much like nobody is home, even when you are. If you’re truly not at home, ask a neighbor to check on your house from time to time and pick up random stuff that appears in order to ensure nothing is cluttering up your driveway. 

Strike a pose

Another way to make your house safer is to invest in real – or even fake – visible cameras for your exterior. Whether your camera system alerts an alarm company or not, nobody likes the idea that they could possibly be identified. Or how about converting your old iPhone into a security camera.

Make your house safer with cameras

False alarm

If you don’t have, can’t afford, or just don’t want an alarm system, look into the fake alarm decals  for your windows and doors. Sometimes the clever deterrent can be as good as the real thing. 

It’s high time

Put interior and exterior lights on a timer or even on different timers. Set them for random times, or connect it to your smartphone so you can control them from a distance. This helps give the impression that there is somebody at home.  Make your house safer with locks

Pop, drop and lock it

Rather than hiding a key under a mat, rock, or flowerpot, invest in a keyless deadbolt or a lock box. This is an easy way to make your house safer. Locks like this can’t be picked, and it might deter someone from looking for a hidden key in the first place. Also a good home safety tip is to remember to lock all of your doors and windows too, even if your neighborhood is safe. Don’t make it easy for somebody to get in.  Speaking of which, you’re on lock when you hire TRELORA. When you hire Trelora, you pay just 1% to sell your home. You’ll also get best-in-class customer service, and a team of expert agents who close hundreds of deals per year. And keep in mind, especially if you’re moving or you have friends in other states, that Trelora can help you in Atlanta, Charleston, Charlotte, Denver, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Raleigh, Sacramento, Seattle and Tucson. In the meantime, please stay healthy and safe.

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