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Market Pulse – Raleigh December 2020

by | Dec 29, 2020 | Buying, Raleigh, Selling

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Happy holidays! Despite winter and the Covid wave we are experiencing, real estate remains a strong and steady beacon of economic hope during these times.

All stats below are based on End of Month in October vs November:

Homes on the market – 4,571vs 4,123 (down 5%)
New homes on the market – 4,407 vs 3,148 (down 29%!)
Homes sold – 4,204 vs 3,816 (down 9%)

We’re seeing a lot of people, sellers in particular, pumping the brakes for the holidays. This is to be expected as it happens every year around this time. However, this will not impact sales price or “days on market,” if we stay anywhere close to the same pace we have been maintaining. The general feeling is that once the holidays have passed, there will be a feeding frenzy, and until inventory increases and interest rates begin to rise, we will continue to see a seller’s market with fewer options for approved buyers.

Best advice for sellers right now?

If you’re a seller, get your home listed as quickly as you can. Demand is sky-high and inventory is dropping even further as the seasonal lull compounds the existing inventory constraints we’ve seen all year. Don’t wait for Spring, when new homes will start to increase again. List now for the best chance to sell for the best price.

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Best advice for buyers right now?

If you’re a buyer, consider working with your agent to identify homes that came off the market in the last 30 days. Most of these homes will likely come back in early 2021, and our team of agents are poised to help you identify these houses before they come back on the market in the hopes of submitting a strong enough offer that entices the seller to agree to terms without going back on the market.

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Aaron Meisheid
Raleigh Market Director
Sold over 1,000 homes

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