We are pets lovers at TRELORA. There isn’t a day at the office where there isn’t a dog running the halls or snoring in the corner during meetings. Peggy sets a giant bowl of water out for local dogs passing by on hot days. Having home bases in major pet cities of Denver and Seattle, we are either representing home buyers or selling homes for pet owners. So we have collected a few resources below that we often share with our clients over email, and we decided to make them more public.

Let us know if there are other resources you think would find a comfortable home here, and we will get them posted.


Selling a Home…with Pets

Owning Chickens in Denver as a Homeowner

Top 5 Tips To Make Moving With Pets Easy


Denver Pet Groomers

Seattle Pet Groomers


Denver Doggy Daycare

Seattle Doggy Daycare


Denver Pet Sitters

Seattle Pet Sitters

Animal Hospitals & Vet Clinics

Denver Animal Hospitals & Vet Clinics

Seattle Animal Hospitals & Vet Clinics


Denver Pooper Scooper Services

Seattle Pooper Scooper Services