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How to Stage a Home On a Cheap Budget

by | Nov 7, 2018 | Selling

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So you’re getting ready to sell your home, huh? You will want to make it look as good as possible to to potential buyers without breaking the bank. Here are 3 ways to stage your home cheap.

Why is staging your home important?

The most basic reason to stage your home is that it conveys a sense of possibility and comfort for potential buyers. And it also allows photographs of your home to showcase the space you want buyers to see. So even if you stage your home on a budget, buyers still can imagine themselves in your home. And in homes where the floor plan is unique, capable staging can help buyers visual how to organize the space, rather than leave them baffled as to how to set it up. Your home staging tips are threefold: make it clean, make it uncluttered, and make it bright. 

1. Clean it

Clean, dust, vacuum, sweep, mop everywhere. Do it thoroughly – every nook and cranny; all the places you never thought to clean too, such as fans and air ducts. And clean it as if somebody will come through your house with white gloves. Sweep and vacuum to help get up any pet hair or other debris that may be on the floor. Remove smudge marks from tile, shampoo your carpets, and clean your hardwood floors.
Be sure that your bathrooms are clean and looking good too. Because there is nothing worse than a sink full of hair, toothpaste stains, or a shower that hasn’t been cleaned in years when you’re showing your home. Put away the things that are part of everyday life that gross some folks out.

2. Declutter it

Depersonalize your space: No family photos, no name plaques. Buyers want to visualize their lives in your home, not yours. Clearing out the clutter also makes the space look bigger and helps the buyer think they are getting more square footage for their money. Staging your home with kids  can be a challenge, but this is a great way to make the home look more spacious and clean as well.

3. Brighten it

Replace all your light bulbs so they are the appropriate luminosity for the area. Or if your budget won’t allow it, at least make sure they all work. Buy a gallon of paint and refresh the tough spots that are showing wear and tear. And give bathroom cabinets a makeover with inexpensive Chalk Paint.
These are just three simple home staging tips to make sure your home is in good shape. Because keeping your home in good shape for a showing can help you get the premium price your home deserves and help it sell in a prompt, timely manner.

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