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Trelora Doubles National Footprint, Capitalizes on Successful Fair Fee Model that has Helped over 6,000 Clients Save $65 Million

by | Mar 17, 2021 | News

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Trelora, a modern residential real estate brokerage that is revolutionizing the home buying and selling process and putting the consumer first, today announced that its successful and disruptive low-cost, fair-fee model has enabled it to double its nationwide footprint, breaking into five new markets: Atlanta, Georgia; Charleston, South Carolina; Charlotte, North Carolina; St. Louis, Missouri; and Tucson, Arizona.

Since its founding in 2011, Trelora’s model has combined fee transparency with experienced agents and the latest technology to successfully help over 6,000 clients buy and sell their homes, saving them more than $65 million in fees along the way.

Through this expansion, Trelora, which is now available in seven states nationwide, will help home buyers and sellers in these new markets save thousands of dollars on their real estate transactions by taking advantage of Trelora’s low, fair fee model. The entire process is made simple and transparent due to its proprietary technology and top-rated team of specialized agents.

“I’m proud to see Trelora revolutionizing the real estate transaction much the way we were able to change fast food at Chipotle, by combining an extraordinary experience with great value. And we’re doing it the same way: by empowering our top-performing teams to deliver exceptional service to our customers,” said Trelora’s Chairman, and former Chipotle Co-CEO, Monty Moran. “Trelora is leading the charge to take the expense and stress out of real estate, and we look forward to helping homeowners in Charlotte, Tucson, St. Louis, Charleston, and Atlanta get excellent service at an affordable price.”

Traditionally, real estate agents charge high agent fees on each transaction, often collecting as much as 6% in commissions, regardless of the work they do. In addition, fees are often hidden so the consumer has no idea how much they are paying their agents. With Trelora, sellers receive an exceptional, transparent and full-service experience for a low, fair fee while buyers pay nothing out of pocket and receive up to $6,000 in closing cost savings, a model that has saved its customers over $65 million since 2011.

“Industry-wide disruption due to an innovative technology is not a new concept. There have been countless examples of industries that have been disrupted over time, offering consumers a better experience at a lower cost, and yet the real estate industry has remained stagnant,” said Brady Miller, CEO of Trelora. “Buyers and sellers for far too long have been beholden to high agent fees when making real estate transactions. We are excited to offer a better alternative to consumers in five new markets across the country, providing fair fees, experienced agents and a streamlined process.”

Home values in Trelora’s new markets have increased dramatically over the last 10 years, averaging 67% home value growth in those markets over that span. This growth has benefitted agents who charge high fees while negatively impacting the consumer, costing them an average of $750 million per market in just 2020 alone. According to Trelora’s research, the company estimates that by using Trelora’s fair-fee model, consumers could save a total of $2.1 billion in those markets alone.

About Trelora

Since 2011, Trelora has been bringing clarity, convenience, and consistency to each home buying and selling transaction, offering a transparent, fair-fee model that saves consumers thousands of dollars. By using proprietary technology, Trelora’s local, specialized agents can streamline the process, making the home buying and selling process both simple and transparent. It’s a model that has worked for more than 6,000 customers, saving them more than $65 million along the way. Trelora is revolutionizing the real estate industry, one happy client at a time. For more information visit Follow Trelora on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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