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Trelora prioritizes health and safety as we work to protect your home equity

by | Mar 12, 2020 | News

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We at Trelora are actively monitoring the spread of COVID-19 and are taking every precaution we can to ensure the safety of our customers, our staff, and the communities we serve. 
Please know that we will always continue to be here to serve you. We are always just a call, text, or email away.
As a valued Trelora customer, here’s what you need to know:

  • You can reach your agent any time by phone, email, or text. Our staff is working remotely. Our technology makes it easy for agents to work from anywhere and stay on top of your transaction. We are actively monitoring all communication and will continue to do everything we can to help you buy or sell.
  • As of now, Trelora’s office is still open for closings. We are keeping most staff remote to ensure maximum possible social distancing in our office while enabling clients to close their transactions. If you have any questions or concerns about an upcoming closing, please contact your agent. 
  • We are still showing homes to buyers and are happy to offer virtual showings. Our agents are able to show you any home in person or over video chat if you prefer not to visit in person.
  • We will conduct Listing Consultations remotely if you’d prefer. Our agents have experience evaluating homes remotely and are eager to help you position your home to sell over a video consultation.
  • Photography appointments will continue as scheduled. Photographers are taking necessary precautions to ensure that they minimize the chance of exposure. To this end, we ask sellers not to be present during photography appointments to minimize unnecessary interaction
  • We don’t recommend open houses right now. There are many ways to get your home in front of buyers that don’t require you opening your house to the entire neighborhood. Your agent can recommend a range of options like virtual open houses to make sure you connect with relevant buyers.
  • If you have reason to believe you may have been exposed to the virus, we ask you to disclose this to us prior to any direct interaction so we can take any necessary precautions to ensure the safety of our staff, clients, and the community.

With the global economy looking uncertain, you may be wondering how this will affect the real estate market. Although we can’t predict the future, we know that people will continue to buy and sell homes no matter what happens, as they have in even the most extreme financial circumstances over the years. Real estate is a stable asset class, and we have every reason to believe it will continue to be a sound investment. We are keeping a close eye on the market and will keep you informed in the coming weeks and months.
Trelora is committed to maximizing your home equity. No matter the state of the market, our experienced agents and low prices will continue to make it simple, safe, and affordable for you to buy or sell homes.
Nothing is more important to Trelora than the health and well-being of our customers and teammates, and we will continue to take every precaution we can to ensure your safety. 
Thank you for your understanding, and thank you as always for choosing Trelora.

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