What Is a Murphy Bed?

by | Aug 3, 2018 | Real Estate Glossary

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If you’re living in a tiny home or trying to make a room multipurpose, a Murphy Beds may be the answer you’re looking for! In living quarters where every little inch matters, you often have to get creative about how to use space. One option could be a Murphy Bed.
A Murphy Bed is a bed that is hinged from one end so it can be easily folded up and put away in a closet or against a wall. They are also known as a pull-down, fold down or wall bed.
Perhaps one of the greatest benefits when a Murphy Bed is tucked away is all the floor space that magically appears. Since Murphy Beds can be easily folded away when not needed, you have space available that you can otherwise use. This kind of bed is extremely beneficial in accommodations like mobile homes, smaller homes, condos or studio apartments where space is tight. 
When you have some guests over to a small space (especially a studio apartment), it can feel awkward when you open the door right into the bedroom. With a Murphy bed, your bedroom is now turned into a living room! 
Another great benefit is keeping the room clean. It can be quite a task to tackle those pesky dust mites that find their way under a bed. Now that your bed is safely locked inside the wall or cabinet, the issue is alleviated! Simply lift the bed and you can vacuum to your heats desire. 
Of course, many love a Murphy Bed because they hate making the bed. An unmade bed can make the room look unkempt, but with a Murphy Bed, put it up and voila! The room is open and cleaner and you don’t have to make your bed. 
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