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With a traditional REALTOR, the seller pays their agent and your agent an average of 2.8% each. When TRELORA is your agent, we give you the 2.8% commission that other agents take for themselves, minus our flat $2,500 rate. This typically equates to THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS in your pocket, allowing you to afford more home.

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with traditional REALTOR®


You can afford



There is NO GUARANTEE, expressed or implied, for the accuracy of this information or it's applicability to your financial situation. Please consult a lender to understand what your true affordability will be.

What can you expect when you BUY a home with TRELORA?

1. Find your dream home

Tell us what you’re looking for in your next home and we’ll get you set up on a search. New homes matching your criteria will be delivered to your inbox as soon as they come on the market.

2. Get pre-approved

Your pre-approval letter is your key to success. You’ll want to have one so that as we write offers for you, Sellers will know your offer is legit.


While REALTORS® take around 2.8% of the price of the home you buy, our cost is only $2,500. Your payment can be made as soon as you’re ready to start touring homes or if you’ve already found a home and want us to write your offer.

4. Search & show

When you find a home you’d like to tour, we’ll schedule the showing and one of our agents will meet you there to answer your questions and be your sounding board.

5. Make an offer

Once you’ve found a house you want to make your next home, we will work with you to come up with an offer strategy. We’ll talk with the Listing Agent and make sure your offer has legs.

6. Go under contract

Once you’re under contract it’s time to deposit your earnest money and schedule your inspection. We’ll send you a list of inspectors we’ve worked with but you can work with anyone you choose.

7. Title work & lending

We will make sure your lending documents are accurate and are sent to the Title company. We’ll work closely with your Lender throughout the process to make sure you’re all set to close.

8. Inspection objection & resolution

During your inspection, the Inspector will walk you through the home and point out any areas of concern. We’ll walk you through the inspection report and if there’s anything you want to address we’ll prepare an objection to present to the sellers.

9. Appraisal

Your lender manages the appraisal process. They’ll handle the scheduling and management while we make sure all dates and deadlines are going according to plan.

10. Prepare to move

We will keep you up to date with important deadlines during this busy time so you can focus on dreaming about moving into your new home.

11. Attend closing

It’s time to sign your paperwork, finish the last bit of packing, load up the truck, and head off to the next chapter of your life!

Easily navigate the home buying process with TRELORA

All The Pretty Houses

When you find homes that match what you're looking for, we let you save your favorite homes, get instant alerts on new homes that come on the market and share your discoveries with friends and family.

Our Transparency Demystifies Home-Buying Process

When you're signed into your TRELORA account you can easily request showings, view upcoming appointments and events and view the status of your offer and legal documents and chat with your agent.

Stay in touch with your buying team

When you work with TRELORA, you can quickly communicate with our team through chat, email or phone, 7 days a week.

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