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We believe that home sellers should only pay one low, fair fee of 1% to sell their home, not a hefty 3% commission. This saves the average home seller $10,000 or more on commission! You’ve put blood, sweat, and tears into your home and deserve to keep as much equity as possible.

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Homeowners choose to sell their homes for a variety of reasons, and for many, it can be an emotional experience. Selecting a reputable real estate agent to guide you through the process of selling your home is a great start. The right agent will help you research market conditions, set a pricing strategy, prepare your home for the market, and help you with every step of the home selling process.

The Right Agent Helps With:

Listing, Showing, & Marketing

Your experienced real estate agent will handle multiple showings and open houses. They also market your home as best they can to prospective buyers. This is done via the MLS, digital advertising like Google and social media, events, traditional media and so on.

Effectively Managing Offers

If you’re in a buyer’s market, your agent needs to be super responsive to ensure that no lead or contact is missed and to guarantee you the best price. Alternatively, in a seller’s market, your agent helps you select the highest and best-guaranteed offer, especially if you have multiple offers.

Counter Offers, Home Inspection & Closing

These take place during the closing period after a buyer goes under contract, which is often 30-45 days. Counter offer negotiation will take roughly 48 hours at the most. Generally, the buyer has 1 to 2 weeks to complete a home inspection. Then closing time is determined once all contingencies, inspections and counter offers are resolved.

Pick Your Selling Strategy:

Hiring a good real estate agent is the most important and first step you should take once you make the decision to sell your house. Your agent will be the main point of contact for both you and potential buyers. They create your listing for public view, shows your house, and markets it too.

Consider your selling price carefully

It’s important that you price your house correctly from the start. If you list your house too high, buyers won’t be interested. If nobody makes an offer for your house, it’s eventually going to become an old listing. If your listing gets old without any bids, you may not sell it at all, or you’ll end up getting low bids from people thinking you can’t sell it.

Think about your home’s appearance

Non-Vacant means your house is currently occupied. There are a few quick things you can do to give your house a new fresh look and feel:

  • Replace the carpets
  • Put new paint on the walls
  • Update appliances, if you can afford it
  • Update your light fixtures
  • Hire a landscaper and get your yard cleaned up

Vacant means your house is currently unoccupied. Consider hiring a professional stager. This can often be enough to expedite the process of selling your home. Staged homes sell about 87% faster and for nearly 17% more than houses left empty.

Take advantage of technology

Buyers need to see your home presented carefully on the internet, from professional photography to Google and Facebook. When listing a home for sale, note that most people will likely look at it from their mobile device. With that, each Facebook user has more than 200 Facebook “friends” on average, with whom they share photos and information. By sharing your listing, you’re showing it to hundreds of people, each of whom could share it to hundreds more.

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Trelora vs Traditional Agents

Traditional Agents
Only 1% To Sell You don't pay anything up front. We only get paid when you do!
3% Of Home Value For a $400,000 home this costs you $12,000!
Team Of Specialists We have a team of agents that specialize in every step of the process. This ensures you get the best service and value possible!
One Agent
Available 7 Days A Week Availability Ranges
Hundreds Of Homes Sold Each Year 3-10 Homes Sold Each Year

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Ian C
Saved $16,080

Fantastic company with an A+ team. I have sold and bought multiple properties with them and they continue to amaze me on how honest and wonderful their approach is to customer service and real estate. I highly recommend them and have recommended them to my colleagues and friends who have done transactions with them also and say the same great things about them. You can't go wrong with Trelora

Rubi H
Saved $11,140

There are not enough Thank You’s in the world to show our appreciation for the amazing service provided during our sale. Michelle, Daniel, Natalie it was a true pleasure to work with you. We have been active as real estate investors for eight years. During those eight years, we have encountered some nightmares with realtors. YOU made this so easy! TRELORA is an example to follow in the real estate market. The organization is flawless, and the service is outstanding.

Deepthi K
Saved $9,600

I had a great experience with the Trelora team. I thought I took a chance with them because I had to sell my house soon as we were relocating and we did not absolutely do any staging. But it was a indeed a great experience with the team especially Madison, Amanda and Peter. Thanks for all the hard work and prompt communications. It sure did save me a lot in commission. Appreciate your business and keep up the good work.

Saved $14,345

Dan and his team were fantastic during the sale process of my home. They were a pleasure to work with. They were very responsive and go above and beyond to be sure the clients have all the knowledge to make the best decisions They attended to every detail throughout the endeavor. I was able to maximize my return on the sale and Dan and his team were very influential in making that happen. I would always sell my homes with Trelora.

Mindi W
Saved $8,900

Selling our home with TRELORA was such an easy and AFFORDABLE process! Their team was very organized and responded in a timely manner. We had a complicated mortgage and they were so understanding and knowledgeable. TRELORA made this such an enjoyable process!

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