How much do realtors make?

How much realtors make depends on your ability to negotiate a fair price for their services. In the past, this has meant a commission as high as 6% or even 7%. Looking at it from the agent’s point of view, how much realtors make depends on the number of clients they’re able to recruit, the number of deals they’re able to close, and the fees they typically pay out to their brokerage and marketing affiliates. Realtor income varies greatly depending on commission earnings and the number of successful sales each year, but industry research tells us the average Denver or Seattle realtor makes about $92,000-$93,000 annually.

As part of their standing with the National Association of Realtors, realtors are held to higher standards than typical agents, but they still rely on the commission system to earn a living. By taking these commissions out of the final home sale, the real estate industry is able to cover up a lot of inefficiency. TRELORA takes a different approach with task specialization that finally eliminates this inefficiency for buyers and for sellers. As a result, we can provide full-service real estate for a flat fee of just $3,000-$4,000.