How much to pay real estate agent?

How much to pay a real estate agent is a question that’s usually asked by a home seller who is preparing to find and negotiate with a realtor as part of the listing contract to market the home. Traditionally, sellers were expected to pay a real estate agent as much as a 6-7% commission on the final sales price. For the past couple decades, the average commission has been below 6%, but it’s also flattened out or even gone up a little in recent years. We found one source that suggested the average real estate commission for 2017 might be as low as 5.12%. However, the level of service and support offered by real estate agents who try to juggle too many clients at once has also been hotly debated.

Enter TRELORA. We don’t believe in asking sellers or buyers to sacrifice a sizable chunk of their home equity to buy or sell a house. With our flat-fee service, sellers and buyers get the same level of support during their home sale for just $3,000 in Denver or $4,000 in Seattle. This is how much we think you should pay for a real estate agent. Compared to a negotiated rate of 5.5% for a home sale, our service stands to save sellers and buyers in Colorado and Washington between $10,000-$20,000 on their home. In our quest to remake the real estate industry, we’ve already saved homeowners in Colorado and Washington $43 million in real estate commissions.