The northwesternmost corner of Denver goes by many names. It was once called the Northwest, then Northside. Somewhere along the way Highlands or The Highlands took over, even though there are still some purists who use the singular, Highland, after all that is the official name on the map. Thus, part of the reason why a Denver Highlands Map can be elusive: the names change often and new areas pop up within it.

Whether you are a third generation Northside resident or one of the developers pushing SloHi on us, the area has many names. A few neighborhoods have official boundaries and then those monsters like LoHi that seem to expand their footprint by the day. All of this leads to some confusion about where these neighborhoods are and aren’t, so we felt we should create our own Denver Highlands map that incorporated both the traditional borders of actual dedicated neighborhoods as well as the halo effect of the other areas, in order to provide a decent understanding of The Highlands. The map of Highlands is divided into four natural quadrants cut by 38th east-west and Federal north-south.

Map of Berkeley Neighborhood

Berkeley is the most extreme northwest corner, bordering Sheridan to the west, which is the western Denver boundary. Berkeley has two official neighborhoods, Harkness Heights and Grand View. Both Harkness Heights and Grand View run between Lowell and Federal, west to east. Harkness between 41st & 44th streets; Grand View between 44th and I-70, technically, but only a few homes above 46th. There are solid brick and stone corner posts at the corners of both neighborhoods.

Then there is the unofficial Tennyson Street or Tennyson area. The shops and restaurants run along Tennyson from 38th to 46th. Most people will say something like, “I live Highlands. Berkeley. Near Tennyson,” as a way of sorting themselves further for those in the know.

Hot Spots

There are plenty to name, but we’ll just focus on the institutions.

The Oriental Theater
Billy’s Inn
Tacos Jalisco
Cesar Chavez Park
Berkeley Dog Park
Small Batch Liquors
Call to Arms
Berkeley Untapped

Map of Highland Neighborhood

Highland is the southeast quadrant of The Highlands and has three natural neighborhoods and one general monster. Potter Highlands runs between Federal and Zuni, and between 38th & 32nd Avenues. Highland Park is a very small neighborhood with North High School within its borders between Federal and Zuni, and between 32nd and Speer. Very limited private space in this area, with Ashland Rec Center in this neighborhood. Finally, Jefferson Park, which is across Speer and bordered by Federal, Zuni, and extends a little farther south outside of the traditional Highlands pocket.

Then there is LoHi, which has been a perpetually encroaching halo district. It started somewhere–at least more officially–with Lohi Steak Bar, but was whispered about years before. After all, if lower downtown could be LoDo, why couldn’t lower Highlands be LoHi? It has grown to be such a hot area that many will say they are in LoHi that may have to grab a Lime scooter to make the hike down to Lola on time. We have tried our best to capture the LoHi halo in this map the best we can, but it is a living beast.

Hot Spots

Again, just the institutions.

Root Down
Little Man Ice Cream
La Casita
Forest Room
Highland Tavern
Highland Tap & Burger
Tony P’s
Hirshorn Park
Bug Theater

Map of West Highland

west highland

To start, we haven’t really ever heard anyone say they live in “West Highland.” Sloan’s, yes. Highland Square, sure. Near 32nd & Lowell, of course. But there is it, the official southwest quadrant of the northwest Denver Neighborhood of Highlands. There are no official neighborhoods in this area beyond Sloan’s Lake and West Highland areas, though Highland Square at 32nd & Lowell is considered to be a historical district. Highland Square/32nd & Lowell has a bit of a halo, but we are just estimating the shading on the map with how far in all directions it sprawls.

Then there’s SloHi. This is the newest attempt at further segmenting the Northwest into smaller areas. While SloHi doesn’t have any official boundaries, there is SLoHi Flats on 29th & Sheridan, and SloHi Coffee at 29th & Tennyson, so we are assuming it is trying to slot itself above 26th, chiseling in a few blocks of Sloan’s Lake, to at least 29th, north-south. Then likely one mile between Sheridan and Federal. We don’t agree with this, and haven’t seen or heard it run this far, but we are seeing it more and more on real estate listings. If you see that it is certainly smaller than this, please let us know and we will correct.

Hot Spots

Mead St. Station
Mondo Vino
Historic Elitch Garden Theater
Carl’s Pizza
La Cocinita
Hog’s Head Brewery
Blue Pan
St. Kilian’s Cheese Shop
Tacos Tequila Whiskey

Map of Sunnyside

It’s hard to say if Sunnyside has remained vigilant lo these many years to fend off further subdivisions inside Sunnyside or if it is still to come as new restaurants arise and new duplexes stood up. Either way, we have yet to hear of anything except Sunnyside in this area.

Hot Spots
The Original Chubby’s
Common Grounds
Bacon Social House
El Jefe

Don’t Worry, Be Helpful

We are certain that there is some debate out there about the smaller divisions within each quadrant of the Denver Highlands map. If we are off somewhere, need some additional perspective, or flat wrong, please tell us. We will try to incorporate.