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5 Tips for Moving with Kids

  • 5 Ways to make moving with kids easier

So you’ve found that dream home and you’re ready to start the next chapter. But, one big thing (actually little thing) can make this process harder. We all know that moving is stressful, even for the most mature adults. But for some children and adults, moving with kids can be down right traumatic. Their concerns may be different, but they deserve a plenty of TLC through the process.

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1) Keep them involved.

Let your kids help prepare for the move. It’s a great opportunity to de-clutter, so teach them the value of sorting belongings into keep, sell and donate. Empower your children to make some decisions about what really needs to go to the next home. As you get closet to moving day, give your children a role in the process. Talk about what they can help with and agree on jobs that can keep them busy but also out of the way. Keep them involved so they don’t worry about being left behind.

2) Get them EXCITED about their new room!

Talk about the new house and let their imaginations get rolling. Will you be able to paint bedrooms their favorite colors? Or maybe get a new bedspread? What little things can you do to make the new space appealing and worth looking forward to? Consider starting a Pinterest board with your kids to design their new space. Check out ours if you need some inspiration.

3) Schedule playdates.

On the busiest packing and moving days, kids can frankly get bored or be in the way. If they are at an age where you can send them off to a family member or friends’ houses, it is in everyone’s best interest. Once you get to your new neighborhood, take some time to get to know your new neighbors, and introduce your children to the neighbor kids. Helping them make friends quickly will make moving with kids easier.

4) Keep healthy habits.

When adults are consumed with a move, healthy food choices, quality sleep and other physical and mental needs are pushed aside. It’s not great for people at any age to be neglectful of their health, but it’s incredibly important with kids. Trying to reduce your stress and be mindful of how the kids are feeling can make a tremendous impact on how they handle the changes.

5) Talk regularly about the positive changes.

Will they be going to a new school? Are they leaving neighborhood friends behind? Be very communicative about what may be stressful so you can proactively find solutions and information that can calm both rational and irrational fears. Always remember there are some great articles out there to help when you’re moving with kids.

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