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How to Avoid Stress When Selling Your Home

by | Jun 14, 2018 | Selling

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Let’s face it. Buying or selling a home can be pretty stressful. Real estate comes wrapped up with a lot of emotions. It is exciting, sometimes scary and full of processes and procedures. So what is the secret for making it through unscathed? Here are a few tips that will help you avoid stress when selling your home. Take a deep breath. Trust us, you can do this!
How to avoid stress when moving

 1. Pick the right partners.

Your agent and mortgage professionals can make or break the entire process. You want to have a team of people who are available, knowledgeable, and focused on what’s best for you. It’s okay to ask a lot of questions along the way – and also have experts who proactively provide guidance and advice. In addition to real estate know-how, you should expect a certain chemistry that makes you feel comfortable and less stress when selling your home.

 2. Keep your sleep routines.

Don’t allow real estate transactions to affect your health by adding stress and reducing sleep. Keeping up with sleep is incredibly important. To piggyback on #1, having a trustworthy team should allow you to get the rest you need without worrying each night away about the “what ifs.” By keeping a regular sleep schedule at night – and even naptimes for kids who need them – it ought to help keep your lives in balance.

 3. Don’t sacrifice meal times.

Schedule showings and meetings at times that don’t interfere with healthy eating and family time. Yes, sometimes this will be unavoidable, but for the most part, you are in control of your time and can make this a priority. Once again, you don’t have to have your life turned upside-down. Stick to some routines that alleviate stress and keep you and your loved ones sane.

 4. Offer yourself (and other family members) incentives.

Incentives aren’t just for pets. What motivates you? What keeps the kids interested in keeping a clean room while your home is staged? Is it a trip to the frozen yogurt shop during showings? Or, even bigger, is it a trip to Disneyland when the house sells? Whatever works for you, make sure to incentivize whoever is involved in a way that’s appropriate for you.

 5. Keep your eye on the prize.

In this market, it may not take long to get to the finish line. But sometimes it takes a little time and patience. People have even turned to lucky charms and the Patron Saint of Real Estate to help sell their home. These things can help eliminate some stress, but remembering why you are buying or selling is ultimately the most important thing you can do. Keep your eye on the prize and why you are going through all of this. Sometimes people get lost in the daily “work” involved that they forget the bigger picture. We highly advise you to remind yourself and others that there is a larger goal in mind and it will be worth the effort.
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