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Design Details to Cure New or Model Home Syndrome

by | Jan 2, 2019 | Home Improvement

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You just moved into your new home. Although everything is mostly in its place, the house doesn’t really feel yours. It’s definitely not the perfectly staged home you toured, but that’s not the problem. Even with your things arranged, the house still feels a little… cookie cutter. Everything is brand new, made in new construction, and it’s wonderful. It is just missing some of the creaky old home charm. And you have a case of model home syndrome.
We know you just spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a new home and can’t really afford to break the bank on renovations. But don’t worry. We broke down some affordable ways to give your new home an old home feel.

Paint Your Front Door

TRELORA Model Home Syndrome - Paint Your Front Door

This beautiful home (Currently for sale in Denver!) has a stunning statement red front door. Want to view the listing? Click this link! // Image Source, MLS# 1887340

The front door is the centerpiece of anyone’s first impression of your house. Painting your front door a fun color can bring a whole new look to your entryway. It’s an easy way to increase your home’s curb appeal. We personally love a good red front door! What color would you pick?

Replace Your Cabinet Knobs

TRELORA Model Home Syndrome - Replace Cabinet Knobs

This brass handle will give your kitchen a soft industrial feel. Purchase the handle by clicking this link. // Design by Liberty Hardware, sold on Home Depot.

While this is a small DIY project, we know replacing dozens of knobs can be tedious. But trust us, it’ll be worth it. Installing cabinet knobs that aren’t the standard round pulls is a good way to fix your model home syndrome. Older homes are often outfitted with glass knobs. So if your kitchen has glass knobs, it must be an older home, right? Alternatively, you could buy some of these super unique knobs from Anthropologie to give your home a lovely quirky flair.

Update Your Outlet and Light Switch Covers

TRELORA Model Home Syndrome - Upgrade Light Switch and Outlet Plates

We love the detail on this light switch plate. You can click here to buy it! // Design by Hampton Bay, sold on Home Depot.

The small details make your home yours. If you’re like most people, you’ve probably never given your light switch and outlet plates a second thought. But, for a small amount of cash and time you can completely change the look of your home. Not sure which wall plates you should get? Check out this wall plate buying guide.

Pick A Statement Wall

We love this reclaimed wood wall from homedidit.

Does the idea of a statement wall make you a little bit nervous? Don’t worry. We’re not saying that you must paint your wall a dark navy blue. (But if you want to, go for it! It looks pretty cool.) Instead, why not try out some removable wallpaper? If you hate the look, you can immediately take it down. But if you like it, it can hang out for a while. Check out this article for some cool wallpaper companies. A completely unique wallpapered wall is a surefire way to cure model home syndrome.

Highlight Your Hobbies

TRELORA Model Home Syndrome - Highlight Your Hobbies

Love cooking? Get this print of herbs and spices. // Illustrated Art Paint created from an original gouache painting by Anna Bond. Sold on Rifle Paper Co.

Artwork can really transform a room and artwork that actually means something to you can make a house feel like a home. If you don’t already own a stockpile of artwork, that’s okay. First, brainstorm a list of things you are passionate about. Once you know what type of things you want to look for, start the search. We’re not saying rush off to the store and buy a bunch of stuff. Let your home slowly transform. Do some window shopping, online shopping, and hit up a local craft fair.
Still confused about what we mean? Let’s say you love movies. Look for some cool poster renderings of your favorite movies, frame them, and hang them up. Let’s say that you love the french horn. Find a beautiful print of a french horn, frame it, and hang it up.

Throw Down Some Pillows

TRELORA Model Home Syndrome - Throw Pillows

The floral tufting brings a lovely dimension to these pillows (and to your home). You can purchase the pillows here. // Sold on Urban Outfitters.

Throw pillows can add color and texture to a space, making everything feel more cozy. Buying some fun throw pillows can help make your house feel more lived in. If you’re feeling up to it, you can even splash out on a super unique personalized family throw pillow.
We know that over time your model home syndrome will be relieved. You have a great house and are going to make great memories in it.

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