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15 Disgusting Things in Your Home You Should Hide

by | Sep 8, 2021 | Selling

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Let’s face it – people have bizarre quirks. What you think is normal may be totally unacceptable in someone else’s home. With that in mind, our agents created a list of items you should consider putting away when having others over.

When you are having a dinner party, inviting potential buyers into your home, or a simple book club night, let’s be clear that some universal gross-out factors are easy to remedy. It doesn’t do anyone any good to instill a feeling of nausea while people are in your house. So, let’s take a look at these 15 disgusting things that are pretty easy to hide.

Don’t Miss These Disgusting Items

1. Toilet brushes. Yes, use one – often. But then clean it and hide it, no one wants to see it.

2. Dirty cat litter and dog poop in the yard. Pets are awesome! But a dirty litter box is smelly and gross. With that, it’s not super easy to keep up on it (as often as the Internet prescribes), but keep it out of sight if possible. And yes, it’s natural for dogs to go…but please pick it up. There are better fertilization methods.

3. Used dishes. We all have ‘em. If you eat and care one iota about the environment, you use real dishes. And yes, some evenings we don’t have the stamina to rinse them off and load the dishwasher. However, if someone is coming over, don’t allow them to know what you had for breakfast without verbally telling them.

4. Undergarments. Once again, we all have them (hopefully). With that, let’s assume you have a drawer or hamper where they can go when others are coming over.

 5. Retainers and Dentures. We are glad you are straightening your teeth or have help with your smile. That being said, when we go wash our hands, please don’t have any dental devices on the sink’s edge.

6. Take out boxes. Who doesn’t love a good pizza night or some delicious orange chicken? We sure do! But when they are spilling over the edge of the trashcan with remnants of last night’s dinner, it can be hard on the senses. These disgusting things need to make it to the trashcan or recycling stat. 

7. Anything TOO medical. A used band-aid tells its own story. And we don’t want to hear it. End of subject. 

8. Telling reading material. Read anything you like! But if you’re going to leave it out, make sure you’re willing to read it to your mom. And, please, don’t leave it sitting in the bathroom especially if you have guests coming over. It’s not a library. 

9. Sponges and loofahs. These just scream, “Germs!” at the top of their lungs. Replace them frequently, or better yet, silence them in the garbage.

10. Anything stained. Pillows, throw blankets, hand towels. Stains happen. But keep it to yourself. Thanks.

11. Ashtrays. Yikes! The smell of stale smoke just doesn’t set the mood for a nice visit or tour. We think you already know this. But don’t over Febreze either! Being choked by lilacs or other “fresh spring” scents can be equally offensive. Want to know the best scents to sell your home? Read this article!

12. Hygiene products. We are pro-hygiene! Brush all the teeth! Comb your hair! Wear that pretty foundation! But then put it away and clean the sink after your beautifying routine. Erasing the remnants of your morning activities are an easy fix.

13. That old bar of soap. That was so sweet of Aunt June to give you a bar of soap in 2011. Let’s toss that and upgrade to a nice pump soap, shall we? And be sure to have a nice clean hand towel, as well. It’s a nice touch.

14. Ancient shower curtains. Hopefully this list hasn’t made you spend a dime. Until now. If you have an old, yellowed, ripped shower curtain, please go to Target. Get a nice new liner and neutral-colored shower curtain and the world will bless your kind soul.

15. Countertop crumbs. We like toast and crackers, too! But it’s pretty easy to wipe them away. Simple, kind gestures can be the very best!

The Bottom Line

Okay, we know this list may seem a little silly and snarky but we’re watching out for you. Whether it’s your book club or if you’re staging your home for potential buyers, keep this in mind to ensure a positive experience for everyone.

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