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Are Mansions Just Really Big Houses?

by | Jul 12, 2018 | Real Estate Glossary

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The idea of a mansion invokes a vision of lush gardens, intricate architecture, luxurious furnishings, and a hefty price tag. But is that really the case or are Mansions just really big houses?
The dictionary defines mansion as just “a large imposing residence.” It’s a pretty simple definition, we know. . . 

But How Big is a Mansion?

This definition of a mansion is purposefully vague, not assigning specific characteristics to the estate, as qualifications differ based upon location. In New York City, a 5,000 square foot house would certainly be considered a mansion; however, in the Denver suburbs, an estate would be closer to 8,000 square feet before reaching the coveted term “mansion.”  Quite simply there is no standard way to determine how big a mansion is. 

So Are Mansions Just Really Big Houses?

Well sort of. In addition to being larger than a normal home, a mansion is typically more luxurious. In the modern era, according to, the estate must “offer stately rooms, entertainment suites, guest suites, libraries, or wine cellars.” It isn’t enough for a mansion to be huge; instead, it must capture a sense of grandeur.

Here are 5 examples of mansions in Denver and Seattle that are amazing. 

1. The Hidden Valley Estate

This Seattle mansion packs a bunch of (luxury) punches: a wine cellar, functioning barn, basketball court, sauna, and a beach yurt. As a 12,033 square foot house on a 50-acre lot, the estate goes above and beyond the 8,000 square foot requirement for a mansion. The estate is the most expensive on this list, but the price tag reflects its beauty.
Current list price: $24,000,000
To see more about the estate, click here.

2. Lakeridge Road Estate

This 26-room Denver mansion features a number of amenities which pull it away from the idea of a “really big house.” The manor has 12 fireplaces, a tennis court, library, a lake, as well as plenty of areas for expansion, as the estate sits on 65 acres.
Current list price: $14,000,000
To see more about the estate, click here.

3. Sam Hill Mansion

Initially commissioned in 1910, the mansion is reminiscent of a Manhattan Brownstone. The estate has unobstructed views of Lake Union, the Olympic Mountains, and the Puget Sound, which are all viewable from a stunning rooftop terrace.
Current list price: $15,000,000
To see more about the estate, click here.

4. Cherry Creek Penthouse

Slightly smaller than the typical mansion, this Denver penthouse residence contains the decorative luxury of a classic mansion. From a 1,200 square foot rooftop garden to custom cabinetry and architecture details, this penthouse definitely counts as more than a “really big house.” Its urban setting makes it unique from other mansions on this list and is a beautiful example of how a Classic Italian architecture can thrive in today’s urban society.
Current list price: $10,475,000
To see more about the estate, click here.

5. Evergreen Point Estate

This mansion mixes dramatic rooms and relaxed spaces, allowing residents rooms to host large groups of people or have a quiet evening with friends. The property includes sweeping views of the skyline, lake, and mountains with 90 feet of waterfront, including a dock and cabana.
Current list price: $21,500,000
To see more about the estate, click here.

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