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How Much Selling Your Home REALLY Costs

by | Feb 28, 2024 | Selling

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Selling your house can be a daunting task—and it’s not just about the list price. It is crucial to understand the actual cost of selling your home to maximize your profit while still receiving top-notch service. In this article, we’ll go over the expenses that many home sellers don’t think about—and how to make sure you’re getting top dollar.

Preparing to List

Prepping your home before it goes on the market is crucial to putting your best foot forward with buyers. Buying a home is typically one of the biggest investments people make in their lifetime, so naturally, they want to ensure that their investment is worthwhile. So, what can you do as a seller that can make a big impact?


Whether you’re eliminating dust bunnies or polishing mirrors, a thorough cleaning is a relatively easy step that leaves a lasting impression on buyers. Though some sellers opt for a professional cleaning service, this is a step you can largely take care of yourself.


While it’s true that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, the reality is that first impressions do count. Potential buyers often struggle to look beyond destroyed flowerbeds and out-of-control shrubbery. By investing in landscaping, even on a small scale, you can greatly enhance the curb appeal of your property and generate more interest.


If you’ve ever toured a model home, you know the effect of pristine and clean design. Similarly, staging your home can boost its appeal and help potential buyers picture themselves living there. Since staging is an added cost, it’s beneficial to talk with a real estate professional to see if it’s the right decision for your home.

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Professional Fees

Another monetary consideration is the cost of hiring professionals. Some people try to sell their house without professional guidance—however, that leaves them open to leaving money on the table (and potential legal issues).

Realtor Fees

Realtor commissions typically cost a seller about 6% of the sale price—commonly split 3%/3% between their agent and the buyer’s agent. (Why does the seller usually pay both sides?)

When you work with Trelora, you only pay 1% to your listing agent—without sacrificing high-quality service.

Attorney Fees

Depending where you’re located, certain areas either require (or strongly push for) attorney representation. Making sure you hire an experienced real estate attorney is crucial. Specialization matters—for example, would you want your dermatologist to remove your wisdom teeth?

Title Fees

Just like with your car, the title to your home shows that you’re the legal owner and therefore have the right to sell it. Buyers will need to ensure the title to the home is free and clear before they close. Typically, sellers can expect to pay a few thousand in title insurance—though the amount depends on the amount your home sells for.

Township Fees

Most townships require some form of safety inspection any time a property changes ownership. These fees are usually fairly low but still something to keep in mind.


Whether it’s before you list or after inspection, sellers should expect to have to finance at least some amount of repairs.

Before Selling

Before putting your home on the market, it’s a good idea to fix any blatantly needed repairs. This will not only increase the value of your home but also prevent any issues in the future. If there are minor problems that can be fixed quickly and at a low cost, it’s often smart to address them before listing. Additionally, you should check for any major issues that may turn buyers off, such as a failing hot water heater or a very old roof.

After Inspections

When the inspection report comes back, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll receive repair requests from the buyer—even if your home is in top condition.

Your Realtor can help guide you on which repair requests to address versus what the buyer should be responsible for. Negotiations happen from offer to closing—the inspection period included!

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Other Commitments

HOA Fees

If your property is part of an HOA, it’s important to remember you’ll have to pay dues until you actually close. There may also be a fee to transfer ownership of the property—this varies between associations.


Just like with HOA dues, you’ll have to continue making payments on your mortgage until the sale closes. The remainder of your loan amount is usually paid off at the closing table.

Depending on your lender, there may also be a penalty for paying your mortgage off early.


When selling, you may also be responsible for transfer taxes, property taxes, and capital gains taxes. It’s a good idea to speak with a tax professional to see which may be applicable to your situation—and how much you can expect to pay.


As we’ve seen, selling a home is about way more than the offer price. It’s important to consider the offer package as a whole—and to have a trusted team to guide you every step of the way. By educating yourself—and considering full-service, fairly-priced options like Trelora—you can be confident that you’re saving money without sacrificing quality service.

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