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How to Stage a House Without Furniture

by | Jan 2, 2019 | Selling

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So you’ve moved out of your old home, taking your furniture and memories with you. The house is vacant, but you’re still trying to sell the house. The empty house may feel cavernous to you because you remember how much stuff used to be in there. A house staged with furniture feels warm and inviting. And, frankly, warm and inviting homes sell better. So, how do you sell a house without your furniture?

If you’re serious about selling your home this year, you should put your best foot forward. Any improvements, whether big or small, should be planned well in advance. A well-staged home can do wonders for selling your home.

Here are 3 ways to stage a vacant home

1) Hire a professional stager

You could hire a professional home stager to bring furniture in and set it up in a way which maximizes space. This is the most expensive option, but depending on the situation it could be the best option. A well designed room can make a space look larger, but still inviting, which is the perfect combination when selling a home. Your master bedroom, living room, and possibly a dining room should be your main focuses.

2) Use rental furniture to stage the house

Choose your rooms strategically when staging a vacant home and choosing furniture rental stores. There are many companies that offer rental packages of furniture along with other accessories. You may only need a piece or two in each room to help a potential buyer imagine his or her own furniture in the space. Just make sure that the furniture pieces that you pick are of high quality, unique, stylish, and not dated. Once you have everything arranged, invite a few friends who didn’t help stage the home to tour it. Ask them what they think and what they would change. Make sure they’re giving their honest opinions. Focus on getting specific feedback, so you know exactly what works.

3) Staging a house without furniture

If you’re going to stage the house without furniture, it’s essential to maintain the curb appeal of the house. When selling a vacant home, make sure to have the lawn mowed, landscaping maintained, and driveway snowplowed in the winter. A house with a great curb appeal is a sign that the property is visited often and is well-maintained. This involves making sure that the exterior paint is in good condition and the front door is painted or cleaned with a fresh welcome mat at its feet. If you can’t keep up with the maintenance while your home is vacant, consider hiring a property management or own lawn service. This will ensure the curb appeal of your home is wowing potential buyers.

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