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NEWS: Bighorn Crossing Residential Builder Partnership

by | Aug 14, 2018 | Buying, Denver, News

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Bighorn Crossing Residential Builder Rejects Conventional Broker Model with Trelora Partnership

Local developer poised to save $500,000 by embracing technology, eschewing standard fee structure

DENVER, Colo. – August 14, 2018 – Trelora, the Denver-based real estate brokerage, today announced a partnership with Bighorn Crossing, a residential real estate development in Georgetown, Colo. Serving as the lead brokerage, Trelora’s flat fee, full-service model empowers Bighorn Crossing to offer a customer-centric sales experience coupled with a savings of $500,000 in traditional sell-side commissions.

The partnership is the first of its kind in Colorado and will offer Bighorn Crossing a streamlined sales experience, leveraging Trelora’s technology enabled platform to save the developer as much as $10,000 in commissions per home. Uniting Trelora’s flat fee structure with the benefits of modular homes – which range from lower developer costs to heightened energy efficiency – Bighorn Crossing is pioneering not only an innovative approach to construction, but the development process from start to finish. With Trelora, Bighorn Crossing offers homes that are both affordable for buyers and more profitable for the company by eliminating the archaic commission model.

“As a developer, I was looking for something different than the status quo. I wanted a team to work alongside us, across marketing, technology and execution,” said Kurt Soukup, lead developer, Bighorn Crossing. “Trelora’s team based structure benefits both developers and consumers, offering a united front instead of typical brokers that compete with one another and are careless about client satisfaction.”

According to Building Solutions, labor and material costs are predicted to increase 2-3% through 2018, propelling a continued challenge for developers of all sizes. This, coupled with a sharp rise in demand and a low statewide unemployment rate, has developers facing an increasingly competitive market and plateaued labor pool. Forgoing traditional commission rates enables developers like Bighorn Crossing to stay competitive without sacrificing the quality and delivery of its housing model.

“Partnering with Bighorn Crossing was a natural fit. Kurt and his team share our vision for the future: a new real estate industry driven by technology and innovation, coupled with a change in how we view the entire home buying, development and selling processes,” said Joshua Hunt, CEO and founder, TRELORA. “We are confident Bighorn Crossing will be the first of many developers to take advantage of our model and celebrate the rewards for the company and home buyers alike.”

Designed by Denver architect 359 Design, each modular, affordable townhome provides mountain views, a gas fireplace, sleek interior finishes and one or two car garages. Beyond contemporary townhomes, the project will include apartments, a brewery and a hotel. In addition to Georgetown, Bighorn Crossing plans to expand across the state, securing plans for additional developments in the next year. Phase One of Bighorn Crossing, which broke ground last Spring, will be completed by September 2018.

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About Trelora

Since 2011, Trelora has been committed to elevating the American family’s home buying and selling experience. Trelora provides the expertise of the top agents in the country, customer service second to none, and state-of-the-art technology to offer an unparalleled home buying and selling experience. It is Trelora’s unwavering dedication to move people’s lives forward in a positive motion that has produced $43 million in savings for buyers and sellers. For more information visit Follow Trelora on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

About Bighorn Crossing

Mountain living is about to be redefined in Georgetown, Colorado. The beloved, historic mountain town, just 40 miles outside of Denver, is welcoming Bighorn Crossing, a new development led by Kurt Soukup with a sleek, modern aesthetic and access to some of Colorado’s greatest outdoor recreation. Bighorn Crossing creates a buying opportunity unheard of in the Georgetown area in many years. Owners, renters, and guests will have the chance enjoy the wonderful historic charm of Georgetown’s museums, shopping and dining, all the while exploring Georgetown Lake and a new community trail system.

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