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The 9 Best Places to Live in Colorado

by | Oct 31, 2020 | Buying

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If you are ready to make a move and considering where is best for you and your family to settle, why not consider Colorado? Located in the west, with many cities and towns with majestic mountain views, there is something for everyone in Colorado. 

If you love outdoor living, Colorado offers you opportunities year-round to take advantage of the great outdoors. Between skiing, hiking, city life, culture, and a booming economy, Colorado is one of the best places to live in the country. And within Colorado, US News named 4 Colorado cities in the Top 10 of places to live.

Where are the best places to live in Colorado then? Read on to learn about where you should consider when you buy a home in Colorado in no certain order: 

Fort Collins

Often ranked as the best place to live in Colorado, Fort Collins is a bustling and vibrant place to put down roots. As the home to Colorado State University, the city is young with students and professionals alike. 

It offers a rich restaurant scene and a plethora of things to do. Fort Collins is about 60 miles north of Denver and is often thought of as the gateway city to Rocky Mountain National Park and Roosevelt National Forest.

The city is nestled at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains offering that outdoor oasis as your backyard views. 


Boulder is another bustling college town, home to the University of Colorado. It also is considered a gateway city to the Rockies. Boulder is known for having an excellent school system and low crime rate. 

This cultural city offers a bustling food and craft brewery scene. It has regular outdoor festivals. Visitors and locals alike love the Pearl Street Mall which allows pedestrians to walk outside, while they shop and savor their favorite restaurant. 

Boulder is more limited in real estate options, since it has self-appointed growth limits, making it a competitive market. But with its many amenities, it’s definitely still a city worth considering.

Castle Rock

While technically a suburb of both Denver and Colorado Springs, Castle Rock is worthy of its own place on the list. This growing city has a remarkably low crime rate and highly rated schools for your kids. 

It has the Rocky Mountains to the west and many opportunities for employment, as its unemployment rate is also remarkably low. 

Views of the mountains give this city a more suburban feel for the many professionals who live here. Yet, it’s close to bustling city life and all those amenities too. 

Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is a place that everyone loves, from retirees to young professionals, to visitors alike. It’s a friendly and welcoming place.

With its location in the mountains, the higher elevation makes summers milder and winters snowier for the outdoor enthusiast.

One especially nice feature for those wanting to move to Colorado is the cost of housing in Colorado Springs. This community-minded city offers a low cost of living too.


For those who love cultured city life, Denver is for you. It offers all of the amenities of vibrant city life. Denver has ample employment opportunities and boasts a bustling economy and low unemployment. It’s home to many major corporations in many industries.

For the sports enthusiast, there are a plethora of professional sports franchises including the Denver Broncos, the Rockies, the Avalanche, and the Nuggets. This makes Denver one of the few cities across the country to feature four major sports franchises. 

If you like city life but also want access to outdoor living, Denver’s proximity to the mountains gives an abundance of outdoor living options too. 


Pueblo is a different kind of place than many others on the list. It is the southernmost city offering a different feel than many of the other more mountainous options on this list. 

It offers a low cost of living. In fact, many who live in Pueblo opt to commute to some of the pricier options on this list. 

Pueblo is known for its consistently beautiful weather and options to enjoy the great outdoors. It has a rich cultural scene including a bustling restaurant scene. The mountains to the west of Pueblo still give the outdoor enthusiast a  nearby playground. 


No, we aren’t suggesting a move to Kentucky. Colorado’s Louisville is another great option for families. It’s also a suburb of Denver, so you get the amenities and nearby features of a big city. Yet, it has its own amenities for the family-minded buyer. 

Louisville boasts some of the best schools in the US and has many parks for your family time. 

It, too, sits at the base of the Rocky Mountains which means you have all the outdoor amenities also at your doorstep.


Aurora is another Denver suburb worth your consideration. This diverse city is fast-growing and with good reason. There is a wide range of safe and lovely neighborhoods in Aurora for both families and young professionals. 

Again, because of its proximity to Denver, you have both mountains and city life nearby. So. you get the small-town feel with Aurora and the culture and amenities of Denver. The nearby Rocky Mountains are there for all your outdoor play.

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Parker is another suburb of Denver. Yet, don’t let the word suburb fool you. Parker is an up and coming city for young professionals and young singles. 

Parker features reasonable rates for housing and has a low crime rate. If you are a professional who needs access to the city, you can easily commute to either Denver or Colorado Springs from your home in Parker. 

It offers the best in a small-town feel, bustling social life, and proximity to both cities and the mountains too.

Best Places to Live in Colorado for You and Your Family

Of these best places to live in Colorado, the real issue now is how to choose. Colorado cities and towns offer the best in family life, outdoor living, culture, good schools, and employability. 

Are you ready to look for your next home in one of these Colorado cities? We can help. Check out our home listings and find your forever Colorado home. 

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