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Atlanta Housing Market: November

by | Nov 5, 2021 | Market Stats

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Typically, the real estate market experiences a lull as colder weather sets in and many look forward to being home for the holidays. We didn’t experience this cool down last year, as COVID-19 set in and disrupted the real estate market’s usual seasonal trends. So, as home sales have decreased across many markets, this is the first typical fall market we have seen in two years. 

While there are fewer homebuyers this time of year, there aren’t many active listings to choose from either, thus competition remains high. It’s safe to say this seller’s market is here to stay through the new year. However, many markets are seeing homes sell for list price, rather than thousands over it. 

This fall, home prices have continued to increase in the single digits. This is a welcome change from double digit increases earlier this year. It’s important for sellers to consider their list price carefully to avoid a price decrease once on the market. But, by considering older listings, struggling home buyers can have more options to choose from. 

All stats below are based on End of Month in September vs October:

Atlanta Housing Market

Supply and Demand: In October there were 6 weeks worth of housing inventory available, a 14% decrease from the 7 weeks we saw in September. 
Median days on the market – In October houses spent 8 days on the market on average, the same number of days we saw in September. 
New homes on the market –  In October, there were 9,758 new homes on the market, a 13% decrease from the 11,223 new homes we saw in September. 
Homes sold – In October 6,336 homes sold, a decrease of 17% over September’s 7,770 homes sold.

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Record low interest rates have been enticing to Atlanta area home buyers, giving them more purchasing power in a competitive market. With that, Atlanta listings sold for list price in October, rather than 2-3% above list price earlier this fall. However, showings per listing increased last month from 10 to 11. Thus, it’s still a great time to sell your home, as October saw a median sale price of $355,000, an increase of $11,000 since September.

Seller Suggestions 

As we approach fall and the weather cools across the country, the real estate market shows signs of cooling. Fall has offered some consistency in the real estate market for buyers and sellers. While new listings have decreased in most areas, days on market and supply have remained steady. October continued to see a strong sellers market, but fewer homes are seeing bidding wars. With that, fewer homes are selling for over list price. However, home values have increased dramatically across the country in 2021, and will likely continue to do so through the end of the year. Keep this in mind as you work with a real estate agent to price your home. Consider a comparative market analysis from an agent you trust to start the selling process.

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Buyer Suggestions 

Fall has brought with it cooler temperatures and some favorable trends for home buyers. While inventory has While the enthusiasm of buyers who’ve been in the market for months may be fading, there are still eager, new buyers entering the market. The number of new listings has decreased in most markets, as sellers typically opt not to move during the colder months. Thus, there is increased competition over the remaining buyers in the market for a new home. In some areas, October saw ten to fifteen showings per active listing. As 2021 as shown so far, it’s incredibly important to be prepared with financing, and act quickly once you find a home that meets your criteria. 

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