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What is a Chef's Kitchen?

by | Jan 2, 2019 | Real Estate Glossary

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A chef’s kitchen is  not only created to maintain functionality, but they are also quite aesthetically pleasing. The sleek surfaces are designed using high-quality stainless steel. The countertops are often made of attractive black marble, or perhaps granite, with minimalistic design in mind. The feature tiling styles like subway, mosaic, and others styles may also be used.

So What is a Chef’s Kitchen? 

Professional Chef's Kitchen

The term “chef’s kitchen” is often mentioned in real estate listings; however, not every kitchen that you cook in can be called a Chef’s Kitchen. A chef’s kitchen is a high quality, functional kitchen designed primarily for professional chefs or people who like to cook like one.

Top Features Found in a Chef’s Kitchen:

1) ROOMY SPACE – It’s all about having enough room. A chef’s kitchen is very spacious, allowing multiple people to prepare food without feeling crowded. Quite often they will have granite countertops. The extra space is created by designing an open kitchen or using compact (but high-end) amenities.
2) HIGH-TEMP GAS COOKING RANGE – You’ll need the right range if you want a chef’s kitchen. The high-temperature gas cooking ranges functions around 23,000 BTU, which is way over the average 7,000 BTU found in normal cooking ranges. The larger flames allow the chef to cook more quickly and efficiently. Some of them also include a griddle or a grill.
3) MULTIPLE OVENS – Professional chefs often need to use more than one oven at a time to create a masterpiece.  Often they will need multiple ovens set at different temperatures to make the perfect meal.  A warming drawer is a always great way to keep the food hot and fresh until it is served. 
4) SUB-ZERO FREEZER AND REFRIGERATOR –  A chef’s kitchen will always have high-end sub-zero freezers and refrigerators. Not only do they add to the beauty of the kitchen, but they are also needed for keeping food fresh. Many of the leading models use the latest technology like vacuum seal and elite air purification.
5) MULTIPLE SINKS AND FULL-SIZED DISHWASHER – Multiple sinks are a must in a chefs kitchen. They allow the chef to wash dishes and food items concurrently and avoids any chance of contamination of food during preparation.  Sinks are typically deep, making it easy to drain foods like rice or pasta. Quite often, a faucet is often placed over the stove to quickly and easily fill pots.  
6) ORGANIZERS AND DRAWERS – The wide range of cutlery organizers and drawers are placed systematically all over the kitchen so all the utensils, gadgets and accessories are organized and stored in the best places. These drawers and cabinets are often made from expensive woods, which  are equipped with durable hardware and specialized interior construction.

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